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Children's Library Program Survey
Help us to serve you better! This survey should take approximately 3 minutes.
How old is/are your child/children? *
How satisfied are you with library programs? *
How do you generally hear about library programs? Check all that apply. *
If you have school aged children, what time works best for you on week days?
If you have school aged children, would you be more likely to sign up for a Saturday afternoon program instead of a week day?
If you have children ages 0-5, which days of the week work best for you to attend programs?
If you like to attend our all-ages story time on Wednesdays, what time works best for you?
What kinds of regularly occurring programs do we need more of? *
What kinds of special, one-time programs do we need more of? *
Tell us what kinds of programs we've not thought of that you think you'd be most likely to attend! Use this space to make any additional comments you'd like us to hear! We're all ears!
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Finally, do you have/know a teen with a talent or special interest who might like to volunteer to run a club/program for kids, with assistance from library staff? e.g. origami, calligraphy, Pokemon, friendship bracelets, Duct Tape creations... Provide a short description and contact info below and we'll be in touch!
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