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Aria Borzoi New Owner Questionnaire
Thank you in advance for the information you're about to provide. My goal is to place every puppy or adult in a well suited home where the dog will meet the owner's expectations and the owners will provide a home that matches the dog's personality and takes advantage of his particular talents and skills. I believe that it's not enough to find a buyer for a puppy; the happiest, lifelong relationships are built by matching personality and ability with expectations. I know that the application is extensive. It matches the work I do with the pups, developing their personalities and testing their reactions to be able to evaluate and identify their best qualities. By comparing those virtues with your personality and the rhythm of your home, we are best able to work together to find the perfect puppy for your family.

Once your application is submitted, I'll get back with you via email or phone as soon as possible to confirm the receipt of your application. Receipt of your application doesn't guarantee you a puppy or require to purchase a dog from us, but will enable us to determine if the right dog is available for your home. Thank you for your interest in our puppies! Regards, Rita
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Home Life
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How much traveling do you do without your dog(s) during the year? *
What arrangements have or will you make for your Borzoi while you're away? *
Are you or anyone in your household planning on getting another puppy during the next year? If so, please provide details on breed, sex, breeder and goals for that puppy.
Will you allow us, or our representative, to visit your home and verify this information? *
Showing and Other Activities
Why do you want a Borzoi? Why is this breed right for you? *
Why do you want a Borzoi from our breeding program? *
Are you on any other breeders' puppy lists? *
If so, whose? When is that litter due?
Are you looking for a Companion/Show/Performance Borzoi, or a Companion only? *
If you're looking for a Companion/Show potential puppy, what's your experience level in showing conformation? *
Have you shown in conformation before? Have you finished any dog's championships?
If this Borzoi is being purchased as a show prospect, who will show the dog?
What do you expect to do with this Borzoi? *
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What experience do you have with these activities? *
List any titles you've won, who you train with, or other life experience.
If you're purchasing this puppy as a competition dog, what will you do if the puppy does not meet your expectations in training/competing?
Gender and Breeding
Do you have a gender preference? *
If you have a preference for one sex over another, please let us know here.
If you have a preference for a specific litter or dam, please let us know here.
Do you plan on breeding? *
If Yes, please explain your reasons for breeding, and your plans and goals for this dog.
Tell us about your breeding plans and program, past, present and future.
If you're purchasing this puppy as a breeding prospect, what will you do if the puppy cannot be bred?
Please include name, address, phone number and email (if applicable)
Veterinarian: *
Personal Reference 1: *
Personal Reference 2: *
In what ways do you think having a dog will change your lifestyle?
How would you describe the personality of specific traits you are looking for in your new dog? Please be specific about energy level, drive, behavior traits, appearance and anything else that is important to you in your dog.
What are your or your family's favorite forms of recreation? Or how do you prefer to spend your leisure time?
Tell me about your "perfect day" with your Borzoi. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you, but wasn't mentioned in the questionnaire?
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