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2018 Best of Manayunk
The Best of Manayunk is back for the third year in a row to celebrate our diverse businesses and community, and all our vibrant, historic district has to offer! The competition awards the district in 55 total categories under the live, shop, dine, play, and readers' choice categories, which are voted on by the community.

From now until December 31, we are asking YOU to vote for your favorite people, places, and things around Manayunk for this year's competition! The 2018 winners will be announced at the Best of Manayunk cocktail party on March 15, and in the "Best of Manayunk" issue of Manayunk Magazine!

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Love living, working, and spending your free time in Manayunk? Tell us about it!
Best Place to Work
Who has the best staff, coworkers, benefits, and more?
Best Innovative Business
Let's hear it for our forward-thinkers!
Best Place to Take the Kids for the Afternoon
From playgrounds, to spray gardens, to trails-- what do your kids prefer?
Best Public Art Installation
What's your favorite mural in Manayunk?
Best Place for Pet Care
Who's your canine's favorite coiffer or you kitten's favorite vet?
Manayunk is a booming shopping district. Tell us where you love to shop and what products are your favorites!
Best New Store/Salon
Doors are opening in Manayunk every month!
Best Customer Service - Retail
Who has the friendliest smile and the warmest welcome at stores and salons?
Best Place to Refresh Your Wardrobe
Where do you go to shop for the latest fashions?
Best Place to Furnish Your Home
Where do you go to channel your inner interior designer?
Best Place to Get a Host/Hostess Gift
Where do you go to get the perfect gift?
Best Kid-Friendly Shop
What's the one place your kids always want to go to for clothes, toys, and more?
Best Pet-Friendly Business
Where does your pup love to get toys and treats from the cashier?
Best One-of-a-Kind Shop
Which shop has your favorite unique finds in Manayunk?
Best Place to Buy Happiness
What store has that certain something that always makes you smile?
Best Place to Prep for the Big Day
Where do you go to get that head-to-toe look on your wedding day?
Best Place to Get Pampered
Where does your favorite nail tech, stylist, or masseuse work?
Best Stylist
Who always knows exactly what cut and color you're looking for?
Best Barber
Who gives the freshest cut in Manayunk? (Please give barber's name and barbershop/salon they work at)
Best Place to Get Blinged Out
Where do you go to accessorize?
Best Place to Start Your Art Collection
What's your favorite art gallery or photography studio?
From signature dishes to specialty cocktails, there is truly something everyone will enjoy in Manayunk!
Best New Restaurant
Something new is always cookin' in Manayunk!
Best Customer Service - Food Service
What bar or restaurant knows exactly what you want to eat/drink and exactly when you want it?
Best Place to People Watch While Dining
With so many al fresco dining options, it's hard to pick just one!
Best Family-Friendly Dining
Who has the most kid-friendly menus and atmosphere?
Best Lunch Spot
Everyone has one! What's yours?
Best Chef
From Asian to Mexican and classic American cuisines, who comes up with your favorite menus and dishes in Manayunk?
Best Bartender
Who has the best drink recommendations and mixes with a smile? (Please include bartender's name and bar/restaurant they work at)
Best Server
Who always makes you feel at home when sitting at their table? (Please include server's name and bar/restaurant they work at)
Best Main Street Dish
You really can't find a PB and Bacon Burger or one-of-a-kind Pad Thai anywhere else. What's your favorite dish you can only find in Manayunk?
Best Signature Sandwich
From cheesesteaks to burgers and crab cake sandwiches, what's your favorite?
Best Brunch Dish
What's your favorite thing to eat on a Sunday morning?
Best Healthy Menu Item
For all you health-conscious voters!
Best Dish to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
From sundaes to baked goods, what's your favorite thing to indulge in?
Best Place to Share a Romantic Dinner
Where's your favorite first date or anniversary spot?
Best Counter Service
Who has the quickest and friendliest food service?
Best Cup 'o Joe
There's nothing quite like your favorite brew first thing in the morning.
Best Delivery to Enjoy from the Comfort of Your Own Home
When you just don't feel like going out, what do you order to eat on the couch?
Best Asian Cuisine
From sushi to ramen and everything in between, who has the best?
Best Mexican Cuisine
From tacos to empanadas and everything in between, who has the best?
Best Bar Snack
What pairs perfectly with your favorite beverage?
Best Happy Hour
Where's the best place to meet up for drinks with friends or coworkers after hours?
Best Craft Beer Selection
Who's draught list is always on point?
Best Spirits to Lift Your Spirit
Who makes the best cocktails in town?
Best Place to Enjoy a Glass of Wine
Who knows exactly how to pair wine with your food?
Best Place to Watch the Game
Because you can't hang out just anywhere on Sundays!
From fitness classes to live music scenes, tell us how you have a good time in Manayunk!
Best New Workout
Where have you gone to mix up your workout routine recently?
Best Calorie Killer Workout
What's your favorite high intensity workout?
Best Trainer That Kicks Your Butt
Who really motivates you when you need it most? (Please include trainer's name and where they workout)
Best Place to Take a Visitor
From scenic spots to food destinations, what's your go-to spot?
Best Place to Get Your Groove On
Manayunk's live music scene is nothing short of exciting!
We'd love to hear about all of the miscellaneous things you love about Manayunk!
Best Manayunk Superhero
Who goes above and beyond for our neighborhood?
Best Place to Live
Where are the best neighbors, best amenities, and more?
Best Community-Oriented Group/Business
Who does the best work in the community, for the community?
Best Shop Pet
Who's your favorite four-legged door greeter?
Best Place to Snap a Pic for Instagram
Go on, show off your neighborhood!
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