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Wildfire Product Survey
We are a business class from LDSS in Burns Lake. We are working on designing a sprinkler system that can be installed by homeowners in the event of wildfire. This system would have an app that would allow the sprinklers to be turned on by the user, as well as having humidity sensors.
Wildfires are becoming more common in BC. On a scale from 1-5 how concerned are you?
Do you have fire protection on your home?
Would you be interested in buying fire protection equipment for your home?
We are in the process of designing a product, this product will provide safety and peace of mind for homeowners in fire areas. As fire season approaches how likely are you to purchase this item
Least likely
Most likely
How likely would you buy it for under $100?
Not at all
How likely would you buy this for between $100 and $250?
Not at all
How likely would you be to buy this product between $250-$400?
Not at all
Do you have any suggestions that we could use to better our product?
Your answer
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