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APPLICATION for ArtTable Diversity Fellowship for the Visual Arts Professions. DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2017
Full Name
Mailing Address (include city/state/zip)
Email address
Phone number
Graduate School/Institutional Affiliation
What is your area of study?
What graduate degree are you pursuing?
What year will you complete your graduate studies?
What is your current GPA?
What is the name of the undergraduate school you attended, the degree and the year completed?
What was your undergraduate field of study?
This program aims to encourage racial, cultural and ethnic diversity in the visual arts field. Please indicate your heritage:
Please note the institutions/projects to which you are applying for
Please tell us about your long-term career goals and how a specific project relates to your interests, background, and skills. If applying for more than one project, please discuss in order of preference.
Tell us about any extracurricular activities (volunteerism, internships, work experiences, student or professional organizations) you have participated in that relate to one or more of this years projects. Please be specific about your roles and responsibilities.
Describe a time when you were in a leadership role, the skills that were most useful in this situation, and what you learned from this experience.
Tell us about your professional skills (i.e computer skills, writing, language, or design skills) and which specific ones prepare you for the Diversity Fellowship project. (If applying to more than one project, please specify for each)
Summer Availability: Please indicate your availability June - August 2017 and note if you have any scheduling conflicts.
A cv. and two letters of reference are required for submission. Please list name, title and institution of each person submitting a letter of reference below. All materials are to be sent to with name of candidate in the subject line before March 1, 2017.
THANK YOU! We look forward to reviewing your application
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