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Desde Canadá: Solidaridad con el pueblo Nicaragüense
The Ortega-Murillo regime has responded violently to recent demonstrations taking place throughout Nicaragua by attacking protesters and violating their rights to freedom of expression and assembly. The violence has killed at least 28 people since 18 April, including students. Government forces have also targeted journalists and hampered the ability of news agencies to broadcast. On April 21, journalist Ángel Gaona was shot in the head while he was doing a Facebook Live broadcast of protests in Bluefields.

As Canadians who supported the Nicaraguan solidarity movement in various ways before and/or after the revolution in 1979, we want to add our voices to those around the world who are:

*Calling on the President of Nicaragua to immediately guarantee the rights to freedom of expression and assembly;
* Urging the authorities to engage in dialogue with all civil society sectors, including the victims of state repression, in order to find a peaceful solution to this grave situation;
* Insisting that they launch a timely, impartial and independent investigation into the attacks and killings, make the results public and bring those responsible to justice;
* Calling on them to immediately release those detained only on the grounds of their peaceful exercise of their freedom of expression.

¡Nicaragua vencerá!

[text of a longer appeal in Spanish here:]

Urgent action from Amnesty International: and

Statement by Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy
Backgrounder from Envío
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