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2021-2022 District Stakeholder Input
Each year, the Lowndes County School District provides multiple opportunities for individuals to provide us with unique perspectives on how we educate young people in our community.  These opportunities occur throughout the school year in parent meetings, school business meetings, student conferences, monthly Board meetings, and district-level focus groups.  However, we are reaching out to you for very specific input into our ongoing district wide improvement plan called the Consolidated LEA Improvement Plan, or "CLIP".  The CLIP is the product of an extensive comprehensive needs assessment (CNA) that is always in progress and evolving to help our students to perform at a highly successful rate and preparing them to educationally compete globally.

For the FY 22 CLIP, our District plans to continue to identify and focus on two primary district goals:
1. To increase student achievement across all content areas, and
2. To increase student attendance

These two goals are driven by specific strategies that we refer to as "action steps" that help us to reach our goals.  The entire CLIP from FY 21- which serves as the foundation for our FY 22 CLIP- may be accessed at the following website: 

To help us evaluate and continue to improve our mission, we are asking that you take a few minutes to provide us with your unique viewpoints into our CLIP.  Your input in this process is valuable and may represent thoughts or ideas that could help us to improve the quality of education to our students and help raise the standards of excellence our community expects from us as a school system.
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In your opinion, how well does the Lowndes School System address the EDUCATIONAL NEEDS  of the students in our community?
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In the chart below, you will see a running record of our performance in reaching our District goals over the last four years (keeping in mind that data for this past year [2020-2021] may not be available due to the school closures).  At first glance, the data in Goal #1 may look skewed or unfavorable.  But, remember it is only a performance record of Lowndes County and the reference scale (i.e. axis range) is relatively small.  If you would like to see where Lowndes rates to other Districts throughout the State, you may reference that on the GaDOE website:
Based on the data above, you can see there was a slight dip in our CCRPI score from FY 18 to FY 19 (1.5%).  You may, also, notice that due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there will be no CCRPI data for FY 20.  Our target goal remained the same for FY 21 as was originally identified for FY 20 and will build in FY 22 (or as data populates).  Do you feel, in general, that the CCRPI accurately reflects our District's commitment and performance in relation to providing a quality education?  (If you need more information on CCRPI, please use this link: )
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Do you feel that that Goal #1: Raising student achievement... is appropriate?
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If you have thoughts or suggestions on this specific goal, please add them here.
Do you feel that Goal #2 Increasing student attendance.... is appropriate?
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If you have thoughts or suggestions on this specific goal, please add them here.
These two goals are supported by many strategies that we refer to as "Action Steps". These "steps" provide a means to reaching these goals each year.  If you have thoughts or ideas that would help us to achieve Goal #1: Raising student achievement... , please add them here. (You may go back to the first link in this survey to see the specific goals and action steps for reference).
Likewise, if you have thoughts or ideas that would help us to achieve Goal #2: Increasing student attendance... , please add them here.
Do you feel that as a District, Lowndes County Schools communicates well with the community?
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As a District, we routinely look at the progress of all schools and the individual student groups that comprise their student body populations.  We pay close attention to schools (and subgroups within each school) that may demonstrate a heightened concern of reaching the expected levels of achievement and growth.  For those schools that exhibit areas of concern, we refer to them as our "high risk" schools. Some of the specific subgroups that we routinely focus on are English Learners (ESOL), Special Education, Economically Disadvantaged, and Migrant Education.  Please provide any feedback or concerns that you may have regarding the identification of these schools, students, or any other groups/issues that may pose a threat to student achievement. (please specify if your concerns are for a particular group of students, like "ESOL" or "Elementary" or "Special Education").
Do you have suggestions of how the District could provide better communication with the community?  If so, please express your ideas here. You may use this section to describe what worked well this year for Lowndes County Schools and where we may need improvement.
In conclusion, please take this open-ended opportunity to provide any feedback that you feel is pertinent to the ongoing mission of the Lowndes County School District.  We appreciate your unique and valuable perspective as an active member of this Comprehensive Improvement Team.
Thank you for your input!!
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