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Glasgow Households Energy Trial Application
Would you like to save money on your energy bills and make your home warmer this winter? With cost of living on the rise, environmental charity Hubbub will be helping the households of one Glasgow street make improvements to their homes to make them warmer and more affordable.

If you live on a street of semi-detached or terraced houses that were built before 2017, you could be part of this exciting new trial which will help the residents of the street come together to individually and collectively make changes to their homes to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their bills.

The winning street will receive expert advice and households will be able to choose from a range of suggested home improvements. Households will be supported by grants and financing where possible. The winning street will:

- Be open to making changes to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
- Have a strong existing sense of community, with a willingness to team up with other households on the street to make collective changes and share learnings.
- Be happy to share their story with us to help inspire others.

As Glaswegians we’re proud of our welcoming city and strong sense of identity.  

Now it’s our turn to see whether street-wide, community action can tackle the cost-of-living crisis. Let’s go Glasgow!


- Streets applying for this opportunity must be situated within the Glasgow City Council area.
- Participating houses must be either semi-detached or terraced houses, built before 2017.
- Types of properties that aren’t permitted are: flats, bungalows and tenement blocks.
- Participating houses must have an energy efficiency rating of either D, E, F or G.
- Participating houses on the street can be a mix of privately owned or rented.
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