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Welcome to the Real Estate Sisterhood!
Hi there! We are so excited to add you to our private Real Estate Investor Goddesses Sisterhood -- our group dedicated to helping women pleasurably build Real Estate wealth through: making a place/community better than we find it; creating only win-win situations; and uplifting and enriching everyone touched by a transaction.

Please take a few minutes and answer the questions below, so we know more about you and how this group can serve and support you. Thanks!

At the bottom of the survey is a link to join our Private Facebook Group. Please click it/cut and paste to join the group.

Looking forward to growing in abundance with you!

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What do you most desire to do in Real Estate? Check all that apply *
If you desire to own investment properties, what type? Check all that apply.
If you desire to own investment properties, what are your desires for your investment properties? Check all that apply
What are you trying to accomplish in the next 12 months? *
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What do you think you would need to do to double your success in real estate the next 12 months?
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What is your biggest struggle when it comes to real estate investing? What do you think holds you back the most? Please be as specific as possible.
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What are you most interested in learning more about in Real Estate? *
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How did you find Real Estate Investor Goddesses? *
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What is your day job? *
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Are you an accredited investor (that means you have a net worth of $1 million or more (not including your primary residence) and/or your salary exceeds $200,000/year for an individual or $300K/year for a couple)?
Lastly we may follow up with a few ladies personally to learn more about your situation and your desires around this group and Real Estate... If you'd be open to chatting for a few minutes please leave your phone number below. Thanks so much!!! We look forward to being on this Real Estate adventure with you!
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Ready to build Real Estate Wealth in a supportive community of goddesses? Click the link below to join our Facebook Group.
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