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Greetings! The creation of various forms of art is special and dear to me. Let me be apart of your vision in creating for yourself, event or brand. I have the capacity to expand to digital art with some details from you of course!

I'm interested in what you would like me to illustrate. Please answer each question to help me narrow down your request and generate an accurate quote. Keep in mind the tools, time (1-2 weeks) and creativity involved when receiving the final quote. At the half-way mark to the deadline, I will provide a draft after receiving a $50 non-refundable deposit that goes toward the final cost. This would provide room for your valuable feedback before the final draft. The final draft will be provided after full payment, thank-you!

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Color scheme? ( let me know atleast three colors or shades, even better provide me the color codes ex. #FF5733 is hexcode for orange use this site ) *
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If there was one element you couldn't live without, in the final draft what would it be? *
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