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2017 Nobel Peace Prize Forum Delegate Application
Delegates to the Nobel Peace Prize Forum have the opportunity to deepen their engagement with this event and its world-class set of speakers and participants. Delegates have access to all four days of the Forum, including the high-level dialogue sessions that will take place on Sept. 13th and 14th.

The high-level dialogues will cover the following topics:

- Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development in Post-conflict Societies (focus on Tunisia)
- Reducing gun violence and improving the effectiveness of violence-reduction policies
- Youth Entrepreneurs and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
- Peace X Design: Building the Cosmopolitan Canopy and fostering Dialogue Cities
- Dialogue across the partisan divide: a depolarizing workshop with Bill Doherty and David Blankenhorn of Better Angels
- The role of worker-owned cooperatives in post-conflict societies
- Peace education and curriculum development related to the Nobel Peace Prize

Delegates need to meet three requirements: 1) you must have a specific topical focus for your involvement at the Forum, 2) work with a supervisor, faculty member, or peace-related organization, and 3) produce a specific product or "deliverable" (project, paper, or action) out of the experience. To apply, please answer the following questions. The NPPF office at Augsburg will review your application and let you know if you have been accepted as a delegate shortly. If accepted, you will receive a registration code that allows you to register as a delegate. Schools or organizations can sponsor delegates to attend (contact your school or organization to see if they are a sponsor). The registration fee for un-sponsored delegates is $120. Sponsored delegates attend at no charge.

Email address
Affiliation (school or organization)
Project focus. Briefly describe the specific topic or project you will focus on while at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum (no more than 250 words)
Supervisor. Please list the faculty member or supervisor who will oversee your project.
Deliverable. Please provide a short description of the project outcome (a report, action project, artwork or other specific outcome).
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