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HK Easter ART Lectures and Workshop of 2016 15-20 March
Come and join in with the one and only Tempera painting workshop, for the most environment friendly experience in painting, and take the time machine within the body, soul and spirit, between the past and future, on the vessel of art. Can art become a healing force for our world? A spiritual-scientific understanding of art, which rooted in human being, could be the key to healing impulses in motion. How does it look like when we dare to believe in the curative power of art? 2016復活節假期藝術系列講座及活動呈獻 (三月15-20號)誠邀參與本次罕見的蛋彩畫療愈工作坊,環保復古風,連接身心靈,搭載時光機,以藝術之名,穿梭于過去和未來間。藝術能否成為療愈我們世界的一股力量?靈性科學角度的理解,在人性深處植根,成為動態療愈注入的一把鑰匙。只要敢相信,藝術的療愈,又將如何呈現?
Easter ART Lectures and Workshop of 2016 15-20 March


Tempera painting has been found on early Egyptian sarcophagi decorations. Related technique has been used also in ancient and early medieval paintings found in several caves and rock-cut temples of India. The art technique was known from the classical world, where it appears to have taken over from. Tempera painting was the primary panel painting medium for nearly every painter in the European Medieval and Early renaissance period up to 15th century. For example, every surviving panel painting by Michelangelo is egg tempera.

Working with the special qualities of self-made Egg-Tempera Colors we will try to find the living and active balance in painting. We will experience how the artistic processes of perceiving, painting, experiencing the consequences and finding a way to re-establish a dynamic equilibrium, have a direct way to influence and heal our souls. We can understand and experience how the artistic state of mind can become a place where we create forces that can be carried into the everyday life.
蛋彩畫週末工作坊 Tempera Painting Weekend Workshop

THEME: Tempera painting with healing
TIME: March 19-20 from 08:30-17:00
晚間熱身講座詳情 Weeknight Warm-up Lectures:
週二晚 Tuesday Evening : (cancelled)
路人或都知曉一些藝術理論,但在理論之上,如何更深入發掘思考藝術創造的源泉?20世紀初期,儒道夫 施泰納博士提供過一个激进的艺术理解,可在不同新方向上藝術創作上帶來一點靈光。

時間:三月15號週二晚 07:15pm - 09:15pm

Is there a way to think essentially about art that goes deeper into the source of the Artistic creation then Art theories as we know them? In the beginning of the 20th Century Rudolf Steiner offered a radical Art understanding that could share some Light on the ways how art is created and point in a lot of new directions.

THEME: New Spiritual ways of looking at Art, and Contemporary Art
TIME:Tuesday 15TH March: 07:15pm - 09:15pm
週三晚 Wednesday Evening :
我們是否真正懂得日常生活和教育中藝術過程的重要性?又如何能開啟創造的源泉,從而讓藝術成為我們乃至下一代的生活中的一部分?在柴米油鹽背後隱含的藝術和方法是什麼?齊齊問:什麼是藝術,什麼是藝術過程 。
時間:三月16號週三晚 07:15pm - 09:15pm

Do we really understand the importance of artistic process in education and in our Life? How can we open our creative Sources so that we can make art part of our life and the life of our children? What is the hidden place of Art and the artistic approaches in daily life?
Let's ask “What is Art, or artistic Process?” together.

THEME: Art in Education and Daily Life
TIME:Wednesday 16 March 07:15pm - 09:15pm
週四晚 Thursday Evening:

時間:三月17號週四晚 07:15pm - 09:15pm

Group of People, starting with Family place, working or Business environment, School or other type of community, is healthy when it finds its way in recreating itself continually. Art is a force which can lead to renewal, the possibility to think differently, to feel and act out of the box, to become creative in community building. The Artistic process and the ability to create is the essential aspect, do we know how to active it, and where to start?

THEME :Art in the creative way of community building
TIME:Thursday 17 March 07:15pm - 09:15pm
週五晚 Friday Evening :

時間:三月18號週五晚 07:15pm - 09:15pm

Art is always the best every culture has to offer, but how can we unveil the mysteries of a foreign culture? Can we transform our understanding of Art into a tool that leads us to the Heart of the “Other” Culture??? There is a method to observe and absorb art so that it will become a bridge into the new territory of the others.

THEME :The beauty of the Others, Art as a way of intercultural understanding
TIME:Friday 18 March (opening of the weekend workshop) 07:15pm - 09:15pm
About Facilitator 導師簡介
Basel Switzerland is well known for its art galleries. BASEL ART FAIR is one of the best known art expositions in the world. We have specially invited Zvi Szir, Artist and Author and also Co-director and Co-founder of the NewARTschool from Basel to Hong Kong this Spring. He has been active in teaching and touring in Europe USA and Asia for the past 18 years.

位於瑞士的巴塞爾,以其藝術畫廊和巴塞爾藝術展,聞名於世。本次有幸邀請到來自巴塞爾新藝術學校的創辦人之一ZVI SZIR先生來港帶領大家體驗蛋彩畫的魅力。作為一名曾在瑞士歌德館教導人智學和藝術的藝術家和劇作家,他一直活躍於教學,過去18年與歐美巡迴演講。

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Note: Early Bird Fare (25% OFF) is ONLY valid for payment made by 05 MAR . 早鳥價只適用於三月五號前到賬的款項。 For every 3 particants, one of them will be exempt from attendance fee. 三人同行一人免單。所有價格已含所需材料。All fee include painting materials.
Venue 地點: 深水埗瑪利亞書院 MARIA COLLEGE

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