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Support a Strong Organics Management Plan for the City of Ann Arbor
We the undersigned support the adoption and implementation of a strong Organics Management Plan for the City of Ann Arbor, in accordance with the City’s commitment to move toward its “Zero Waste” goal. Keeping food waste out of landfills, where it is a major generator of methane, would significantly reduce this dangerous greenhouse gas. Turning it into compost would also capture a valuable resource that is currently wasted.

We believe it is essential for the plan to have an active and on-going educational component to help residents and commercial users buy in and participate effectively. While we recognize that further budget analysis, community outreach, and stakeholder input are necessary before developing a final plan, we support a plan that includes:

Expansion into multifamily dwellings;
Setting and following up on goals such as 50% participation in residential units;
Year-round residential collection;
A significant mandatory component for large commercial users (phased in);
Strong emphasis not only on food composting but also on food rescue and reduction of food waste at the source—household, restaurant, grocery store and institutional settings.

PLEASE SIGN ONLY IF YOU LIVE, WORK OR WORSHIP IN ANN ARBOR (collecting signatures through February 16, 2017)

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