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International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) 2018-2019 Board Application
Job Description for ISPE Board:

President: Will be overlooking all of the operations. This individual will be responsible for all of the projects being done by deadline and will be the main point of contact regarding any issues.

Vice President: Will be assisting with the president with any issues. This person will be the main point of contact for industry or any events that will be hosted. They will be sending out emails regarding RSVP for events and any sign in forms to keep track of participation.

Treasurer: Will overlook and keep track all of the financials for the club. This individual will be responsible for estimating the cost of hosting the event (i.e. 50 people need 8 pizzas). They will be responsible for organizing fundraisers as well. All of the financial issues will be directed towards treasurer only.

Secretary: This individual will perform all of the paperwork for the club. All of the minutes will be taken by them for officer meeting and member meetings. All of the paperwork that needs to be filed will be done by the secretary. This person will also be responsible for gathering and knowing all of the information from the ISPE organization along with UC Davis regulation.

1) have time to commit to the club at least 5 hours per week.
2) be responsible of your own tasks
3) be on time to events
4) be pro-active in the group discussion

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