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Part 3: Request of Records
To best serve your child, we are working to collect as much information on them as possible before Day 1. Please use this as an opportunity to upload any and all documentation that you think it would be helpful for Kairos to have. That includes but is not limited to:

• Health records (e.g., medication that needs to be administered)

• Report cards (e.g., your child's most recent grades, historically weak subjects, etc.)

• Behavior or discipline reports

• Standardized test scores (e.g., recent scores on state tests)

• 504 Plan

• ELL (English Language Learner) Plan

• Special education documents, including: (i) evaluation reports and (ii) IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)

• Psychological or other diagnostic evaluations

Submitting records through this form is voluntary, and skipping this form will not hinder your registration. We will request records from your student’s previous school(s), but you should know that many St. Louis schools violate the law by not sharing student records in a timely manner.

General Information
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If you remember, please put the same email that you put for "Part 1: Student & Parent Information." Kairos will often communicate through email, so this should be an account you check regularly.
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Please attach any records, documentation, or files that would help us best serve your student. You can upload 10 documents to each "Add File."
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