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Green Event Report
Wohoo you hosted a green event. Well Done! Tell us about a green event you hosted and become officially GCP Green Club Certified! Your club will be listed on the GCP website as a green group, and we will hype up your green event on our social media. Plus, It will take 10 minutes max. We promise! Fame and Bragging rights await!
What club are you a part of?
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When did you complete your Green Event Training?
Approximately how many events has your club hosted since the workshop?
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How many of those events have to attempted to Green-ify?
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Please list some methods you used to make your event more sustainable? (bullet points are A-Okay!)
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Did other group members or other attendees of your events notice/respond well to changes?
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Don't Forget!
Email a picture of your Green Event to!
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