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School Project Background Information
HVK Children's Foundation is a new non-profit education based organization. With partnerships from stakeholders in the USA, HVK Children's Foundation will be launching its Let's Get Ready program (with an education technology component) in Liberia next year. This is a school-based program to assist low-income schools and children reach their full potential. However, we need some background information from your school in our first phase to determine where our goals align and how we can form a partnership. This information will enable us to look at your school's profile and tailor our program directly to what you have and what you need in order for this system to be a success. Please read all questions and answer them as accurately as possible. Then hit the "submit" tab. Note: for our first project, we aim to work with privately owned schools in Monrovia, Liberia but are open to pursuing other opportunities. All forms will be kept on file with privacy and confidentiality assured. It is estimated that this survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at: Thank you!
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What is the name of your school?
Where is this school located?
What is the name of the responsible administrator?
What is the contact telephone number and email address for this administrator?
List any other administrators or staff who would like to be included in this project along with their contact information.
Do you have an organization already sponsoring your school? If yes, what is the organization's name and what do they provide?
What is the average classroom size at your school (average of students in each grade level)?
How many students are enrolled at your school (total)?
Is English the major language spoken at your school?
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Do you have students with special needs at your school?
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What is the grade level at your school (check all that apply)?
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How many lockable/securable classrooms are at the school?
Do you have electricity at your school?
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Does the school own or have access to a generator?
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If there are computers or a computer lab at the school, please answer the following questions:
How many computers do you have? List the number, the type (PC, Notebook, Laptop, Tablet) and the condition (working/non-working PC, working-non-working monitor).
Do you have a secure room to host 20-30 computers?
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Could this room be furnished with chairs, tables, and fan to fit 20-30 students at once? Check all that applies.
Could this computer lab be finished and ready for the September 2017 school year?
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Will you allow students to use the computers? If no, why?
Does your school run a Reading Program or any other programs?
If no, would you be willing to pass a policy at your school to implement our Let's Get Ready Program? (Reading, Character building, STEM) and technology?
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If your school was given a donation of 20-25 sets of computers, would you need assistance coming up with a strategy to keep the lab running smoothly?
Provide below or attach to this application your school's plan for improving the literacy rates, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). If you do not have this information, please type "none".
We would like to ask you to present recent reading and math & science test scores for the school. Is this data available?
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Is there a library at your school?
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If you have library, please answer the following questions:
Are the books in your library cataloged? If yes, how are they cataloged (paper, book sleeve, patron file, computerized, other)?
Do you need help creating a cataloged system at the library?
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Do teachers use the library? If yes, approximately how many times a week?
Do students use the library? If yes, approximately, how many times a week?
Do you have a lending policy for books? If yes, do you regularly lend books?
Please answer the following questions about staff training:
Staff training is highly important and necessary to participate in this program. Would you be willing to ensure that your staff is trained by HVK Children's Foundation?
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Would you be willing to provide a room to host this training if needed?
Besides what's being asked, what is the most urgent need at your school?
HVK Children's Foundation aims to execute its goals by forming a network of partner schools. If you would like to consider joining HVK Children's Foundation network of schools and receive a document explaining the benefits of being in our network, please check "yes".
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