LCY Convention Registration
Thanks for registering!

You should get a reminder email about a week prior to the event, but everything you need to know is found here! If you're registering at home, please be certain to let your youth person know you've registered and arrange payment through the congregation if possible, since many congregations subsidize synod youth events.

If you're registering another participant, please follow the link to submit another response complete it again!

Please contact Pastor Eric Wolf at with any further questions, or if you'd like to know how to get involved with LCY's ministry in a deeper way.


The staff for the 2017 LCY Convention is excited about this event, and we’re ready to welcome you for a weekend of learning, fun and fellowship!

Here are the details to help you prepare for the weekend, which begins with lunch on Friday, June 16 at 12pm:

• Friday Registration Time: Please plan to arrive between 10am and 12pm. Please know that arriving earlier will make things difficult for the staff.

Lunch will be served at noon, and you will need at least 15 minutes to get settled before the program begins, so plan accordingly.

• Sunday Departure Time: Please make arrangements to be picked up at the retreat center no later than 12:00pm. This will allow the staff time to pack up supplies and depart for home at a reasonable hour. Also, you're invited for worship, which begins at 10:30 am in the Chapel!

• Emergency Numbers: In case of an emergency, parents may call Pastor Eric’s cell phone: (803) 760-0222.

• Packing List:
o Completed emergency health form online ( You will not be allowed to remain at LCY Convention without one.
o A nonperishable snack (ie. chips or cookies) or a two liter bottle of your favorite soft drink. These will be collected at the time of registration.
o Towels and washcloth, toiletries
o Sleeping bag or sheets (single bunks), blanket and a pillow.
o Casual clothes and shoes (closed-toed shoes). Please pack to dress appropriately!
o Bible! (NRSV)

Please, do not bring anything forbidden by the Event Guidelines on following sheets. DO BRING a good attitude and a cooperative spirit, ready to enjoy a weekend of learning and fellowship in Christ!

LCY Staff will not be liable for anyone on camp property who has not registered and signed a copy of the rules and with a parent's signature (electronic or physical) on the medical release form.

We are looking forward to a wonderful, Spirit-filled time together! The weekend will go fast as we have lots of fun, learning and worship packed into these 48 hours. Come ready to meet new friends, see old friends and experience God’s presence as together we will see how the Spirit helps us make wise choices in our daily lives!

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Youth Ministry Event Guidelines For Life Together

Synod Youth Events assist us in understanding what it means to be the people of God. As God's children we are people who show concern and respect for each other. The following guidelines will help us have a meaningful experience together during this event.

1. Stay on Newberry College Property.

All participants must be on Newberry College property and participating in retreat events at all times. If you drive a car to the event, it must remain parked for the duration of the event. Keys will be taken up after check-in. Any exceptions must be cleared with the Event Coordinator in advance.

2. Cell Phones & Electronic Devices.

We’re here for a time apart. Our youth don’t need a cell phone this weekend, though many do bring them to post pictures to social media during appropriate times. We cannot be held responsible for these items being lost. Remember why we're here: to be plugged into each other in the name of Jesus, not to be plugged into our devices!

3. Food & Drinks.

No canned drinks or food items should be brought to total group sessions. They attract wild animals and stray college students!

4. Curfew & Lights Out.

Curfew and Lights Out times will be enforced in order to allow participants to get the rest needed to be alert for the next day's activities. We work and play hard, and need our rest!

5. Attend ALL Meals.

It is important to be on time for all meals. The kitchen will be closed after the line has been served. All participants are expected to be present for all meals. This is an important time for fellowship and a vital part of the retreat program.

6. Nametags.

Nametags must be worn for the entire event. Your nametag will be your meal ticket.

7. Pick Up Your Trash!

Before leaving on Sunday, we are responsible for picking up all trash inside and outside the buildings. Save us all some time and effort by putting your trash in the trash can throughout the event.

8. Damage to Property.

Respect Newberry College property — this is YOUR Lutheran college! Any damage done will be paid for by the person or persons responsible. Parents will be notified.

9. Alcohol & Drugs: No, nyet, nein, non, nope.

ANYONE using drugs or alcohol during our time together will be sent home — this includes adult volunteers and attendees, alike. Offenders will be suspended from attending synod LCY overnight events for one year from the date of the offense. Law enforcement may be called. If leaders find out after the event of any such infraction, parents will be called in to meet with event coordinators.

10. Tobacco Products.

No tobacco products of any kind are allowed during our time together. This includes all forms: snuff, chewing, dipping, and smoking. Anyone smoking or using any form of tobacco may be sent home, but parents WILL be called.

11. Weapons.

No weapons or toys that resemble weapons are allowed at these events. Anyone brandishing a weapon will be sent home. Offenders will be restricted from attending synod LCY overnight events for one year from the date of the offense. Law enforcement may be called.

12. Physical Violence.

Physical violence of any kind or threats of violence are will not be tolerated.

13. Privacy Issues.

Those attending LCY Convention may only be in their own sleeping area. Offenders may be sent home. This is for our mutual protection; please don’t push your luck on this.

14. Shoes / Skateboards / Roller Blades.

Our guidelines require that shoes be worn at all times and that no skateboards or roller blades are allowed. This includes roller shoes ("Heelies").

15. Participation.

All event participants should attend all sessions and actively participate. Your participation is crucial to the success of this event!

16. Respect Everyone.

Participants must respect event leaders and staff as they instruct, guide and enforce event guidelines and boundaries. We will respect fellow participants by treating them as children of God, using the example of Christ. Adults will treat all participants with this same love, care, and respect.

Violation of any of these guidelines may result in parents being called and participants being sent home.

Can't wait to see you there!

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