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happyFall Harambee Charity Market+Hunt Application
This Fair with hunt is free themed (start October 1st and ends November 22nd)
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Store Slurl or LM sent to Loredana Loring *
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Store logo
Your store's logo is for your Cart in the Fair, your store's logo should only have the name of your store (please must be sent directly to Loredana Loring)
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I would also like to participate in this Hunt (1 linden, free theme or fall) *
happyFALL Harambee Hunt
Items for sale and for hunt should be to current standards (hunt's items require a square pic: please must be sent directly to Loredana Loring)
If you want a double cart (double space for Fair), please ask me with a Notecard or IM if i'm online! *
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