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Emerging Leaders Program with PLACE and GMF
The economic world today is highly impacted by global challenges such as climate change, tech inclusion, gender inequality, access to education, urban development, and needs new talents to navigate the changes associated with them. Organizations in the fields of business, media and the arts or advocacy need women and men willing to embody new models of leadership. Newcomers, bringing real insights and inspiring real solutions, are in a unique position to influence on these subjects.

Does this speak to you? Are you a newcomer who sees him/herself joining the decision & action circles that have a local or international impact on the way we shape the communities we live in? If so, Emerging Leaders might be the right platform to challenge yourself by proving and growing your strengths.

Emerging Leaders is a program created by PLACE* and the German Marshall Fund** for migrants & refugees with strong ambitions to make an impact and have influence in the field of civil society and public leadership in Europe.

The program will run from February to October 2020 and includes access to prestigious events with global leaders, challenge-driven training sessions, access to leading EdTech platforms and regular opportunities to build a strong professional network. As a participant of Emerging Leaders, you will be driving your own learning and professional development based on your goals and objectives. Throughout the program experts and certifying partners will be there to provide you with the essential keys to access and propel you to the circles where your ideas could thrive.

Are you ready to showcase your skills? Are you ready to work alongside global leaders? Apply today and tell us what subject you would like to influence and how you plan on making it happen.

*PLACE is a European project that aims to change the migrant narrative by enabling migrant-led-innovation.
**The German Marshall Fund is a prestigious nonpartisan public policy think tank fostering international leaders to strengthen transnational cooperation
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