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New Neighbors Clothing Partnership
Signing up for a hand-me-down match up & committing to donating 2-3 rounds of hand-me-downs to your partner-family each year helps ease the burden a newly resettled refugee family, gives them a sense of community, and helps them feel welcome in America.

So far, long-lasting hand-me-down partnerships have been established between dozens of New York families and newly resettled families from Afghanistan, Guinea, Central African Republic, Ukraine, Pakistan, Honduras, Chad, the Philippines, and Burkina Faso, and Azerbaijan. Sign up to partner with a family today!
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More About the New Neighbors Clothing Partnership
Here in America, there are nine organizations committed to resettling refugees. Unfortunately, they usually do not have sufficient funding to assist families beyond their first three months in this country. Yet, after those first three months, new families often still struggle to learn English, navigate bureaucratic systems, and create a new community for themselves. New Neighbors Clothing Partnership provides longer-term support to families by pairing them up with a local family that has slightly older kids and can pass down clothing after their kids outgrow them. The refugee & asylee families who receive hand-me-downs through this initiative are contacted through the wonderful caseworkers at three refugee resettlement organizations in New York City: Catholic Charities, IRC, and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS).
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