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Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot / Seedling Census 2018 -- Volunteer Internship Application
Thank you for your interest in helping with our research. You can use this application to apply for the LFDP and Chronosequence seedling census or tree census projects. See the the internship announcements for details about when each opportunity is available. Please note that we are currently only considering US citizens and permanent US residents for these internships, due to the difficulties of obtaining visas.

To submit this form, you'll need to include contact information for two individuals who will serve as references. To complete your application, additional materials are required to be submitted by email: 1) Letter of Interest; 2) Full Resume; 3) University Transcripts (unofficial scanned copies are fine). Further instructions will be supplied at the end of this form. Complete applications must be submitted by the deadline date posted on the internship announcement.

Note: There is no option to save this form. All information must be entered and submitted at once.

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The internship requires working in teams outside in the forest in difficult terrain, and living in communal dormitory facilities. Please describe any personal circumstances that you would like us to know about.
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