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Boston Post Mortem: Mini-Demos Sign-Up Form
Demo Guidelines:

- These presentations are for teams seeking feedback on projects currently in development (e.g. testing a game mechanic, tweaking an art direction, etc), NOT advertisements for your game releasing on Steam.

- We encourage audience participation! Want to see if a mechanic feels sufficiently juicy? Invite a guest up to try it out!

- Please keep your presentation under 5 minutes in order to leave time for feedback and for other presenters.

- Please come prepared! If your game is on pc, have a playable build ready. If it's on mobile, please bring whatever equipment you need to connect to the big screen.

- Please be a respectful audience and give constructive feedback.
What's your name? *
What will you be demoing? *
What are you looking for feedback on? Examples: "I want to know if my game mechanic is fun," "I'm looking for a direction for my art style," "I want to know if this U.I. clearly communicates the rules to the player." *
Please submit a link to a short video or gif of your project. (15-60 seconds) *
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