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Global Society of Tigraian Scholars (GSTS):Membership Data Entry Form መመዝገቢ ቅጥዒ ዓለም-ለኸ ማሕበረ ሰብ ሙሁራን ትግራይ
DEAR ALL VISTORS: Welcome to GSTS's Registry Form Page, and you are kindly requested to fill and submit the membership form.


GSTS (formely known as TSAN)– is a global professional society of Tigraian-Ethiopians (students, educators, intellectuals, scientists and others) aiming at empowering the scientific, technological and academic advancement of Tigraian/Ethiopia and its people. It is established with the primary aim of serving as a “HUB" and/or "PLATFORM” to nurture a strong knowledge society of Tigraian-Ethiopians, who are capable of competing at the emerging global market and thereby share its contribution towards ensuring a sustainable and all rounded regional and national development, backed by a strong scientific and technological foundation. GSTS, in this regard,strives to serve both as a KNOWLEDGE and THINK-TANK SOCIETY.

GSTS is a not-for-profit, non-political as well as non-religious organization, which merely focuses on academic, research, technology/knowledge transfer/diffusion, scientific/technological innovation, industry, services and related issues.

The basic core values that inspire GSTS and guide its all-rounded operations are:Intellectualiy, integrity/network, Excellence, Generousness, Cooperativeness, Inclusiveness, Belongingness, innovation, Originality, Up-to-datedness, Decentralized management, Open mindedness, Passion to learn from and teach to others, Globality, etc

Our society taught us without educating itself as it was marginalized for many years. Now, we feel it is our duty to pay back our society and region/country by doing little from what we can do. To this end, we Tigrian- Ethiopian students, educators, intellectuals, scholars and others who are engaged in science (social, natural, medical, Agriculture etc), Technology, Engineering and others professions and live all over the world have to be networked and work in harmony so as to help alleviate the long stayed poverty by building a modern and scientifically as well as technologically well equipped generation/society.

Creating a strong knowledge society of Tigrian-Ethiopians, capable of effectively and efficiently assisting Tigray/Ethiopia's transformation via creating a globally competent generation, who is capable of designing wide-spectrum innovative strategies and solutions.

Bringing together all Tigrian-Ethiopian scholars/intelectuals/professionals residing all over the world under one umbrella and thereby provide an advanced platform to significantly support our region/country as well as the well-being of our society in an organized and productive way.

The primary objective of the organization is to promote solidarity among Tigraian-Ethiopian Scholars, a cornerstone for promoting and fostering a global sprit and strength to work and act in an organized manner and most importantly to meet the organization’s motto: Tigraians/Ethiopians helping Tigraians/Ethiopians and Tigrai/Ethiopia; which could be done through the establishment and maintenance of a dynamic knowledge society (Network) among Tigraian/Ethiopian scholars and friends for the purposes of:
• Developing a highly dynamic and organized data-base/data-bank of Tigraian-Ethiopians/Tigrai-Ethiopia origin intellectuals/scholars residing all over the world
• Serving as a hub to build a well-connected intellectual and scholarly community spirit to work as a greater unit and thereby foster professional communication and exchanging ideas, experiences, recent advancements, discoveries, and innovations that are beneficial to our members as well as to our region/country, and society despite possible geographical distances.
• Providing a podium for Tigraian-Ethiopian intellectuals/scholars residing both at home and abroad to jointly work on matters related to their region, country and the society
• Acting as an agent for the proper transfer/diffusion of technology/knowledge adaptable to our region/country via various mechanisms
• Developing a workable partnership mechanism between Tigrai/Ethiopia-based and overseas institutions in a number of ways such as research, supervisory/mentoring role, technology transfer, capacity building (student-exchange, trainings, etc) etc
• Fostering collaborative/joint research activities among diaspora scholars as well as diaspora with those in Tigrai/Ethiopia
• Providing assistance aiming at accelerating the developmental activities via knowledge-induced engagements, consultancy services (industries, provide institutions etc.)
• Supporting the Tigraian-Ethiopian communities in diaspora especially the young generation to be productive in the areas of academic, research, career, etc and thereby serve as informal ambassadors to their region/country and society.
• Providing service to companies/industries, governmental/non-governmental organizations/offices located in Ethiopia in a number of activities such as curriculum development, consultancy, exam protocol, decision making etc
• Assisting Tigrai/Ethiopia based universities, colleges, industries with high quality expertize and technological inputs (eg., human power, softwares, programmes, new set ups, infrastructures etc)
• Providing professional consulting services to companies and industries in abroad or in Ethiopia, who want to start new investment endaveours in Ethiopia that requires scientific, engineering ,technological or medical solutions
• Facilitating an annual conference/seminars aimed at bringing both diaspora and local professionals, decision makers and other stake holders with the aim of building a well advanced connection between universities, industries/companies, research, government policies, services etc., that enable to share best experiences about each other’s work and formulate practical, adaptable well as innovative directives and working strategies.
• Amplifying the voice and positive influence of the scholars/intellectuals to advance social and economic policies affecting Tigrai/Ethiopia and shift public perceptions about the region/country.
• Empower women in science and technology via designing more practical and engaging projects
• Making GSTS internationally highly recognized brand so that potential scientific employers, companies and other relevant organizations residing both in Ethiopia and abroad will pay huge interest and precedence for GNTS scholars/intellectuals
• Serving as a THINK-TANK institution by conducting evidence-based innovative and investigative researches, via identification of possible gaps at all sectors, recommending possible & innovative solutions, follow up for their proper implementations etc. In this regard, GSTS will serve as a sounding global knowledge society and professional Think-tank group on various regional, national, and international agenda/sectors.
• Implementing science diplomacy/advocacy, aiming at enhancing the lobby activities of our regional/federal government in international conferences (UN, EU, AU) aiming at influencing to positively judge resolutions pertaining to our country

Thank you in advance for your decision to be part of GSTS society and thereby contribute your share to our region/country,its people and also for yourself!!

#1. Currently GSTS council is preparing a booklet, and finalyzing its working statue and will be sent soon to all registered members so as to enrich it.
#2. Currently we are establishing a field-based data-base of our professionals so as to serve as mentors, research supervisors etc mostly for master, Ph.D and other researchers, called GSTS Master and Doctoral Research Academy (GSTS-MDRA). Hence, we kindly request to put all your detailed professional items.
#3 GSTS is already actively implementing a number of projects and every one is welcomed to communicate us via the addresses listed below for more details
#4. GSTS is currently establishing a number of sectoral (Professional) THINK-TANK groups on various sectors such as education, health, security and military, developmental policy, Science and Technology, manufacturing and industry, Culture/Language etc etc and we kindly request all our experienced scholars to be ready for it.

For more details, please welcome to reach GSTS via:
Skype: alemlekemabereseb.muhurantegaru

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