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ECD Band Program Survey 2018-2019
The purpose of this form is to help the programs in our district utilize facts and figures to advocate for improvements in their own programs. The results of this survey will be saved and freely distributed to all interested parties.

If you have multiple buildings in your district, please make sure that someone from each building replies to the survey as this will ensure our figures are complete and accurate. Thank you for your participation.
Director's Name
Director's Email
School District
Band Website
What is the size of your school's average graduating high school class?
What is the total population of your high school?
Band Makeup
What grade do you start band?
How many directors are in your program?
Please include any faculty member that provides at least 1 hour of instruction to any band class.
How many students do you have in your entire band program?
From beginning band students to seniors.
How many students are in band at each grade?
Please answer for each grade that YOU have students in band. If you feed, or are fed, by another school, please place that school next to the appropriate grade(s). (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, HS)
On average, how many students are in your beginning band?
On average, how many students do you graduate?
What is the daily schedule of the directors in your program?
Information desired: classes offered, team teaching
Budget Layout
Please specify whether your budget is for JH or HS or both.
How much money do you get for instrument repairs?
How much money do you receive for music?
How much money do you receive for new instruments?
Does your district provide you with an additional account? If so, how much budgeted for this account?
Describe any other sources of funding you use to help support your program.
Do you have band fees that help pay for part of your program?
Do you have to pay for travel?
Clear selection
Community Engagement
How many concerts do you have a year?
Total performances a year?
Is there any other information that you would like to add?
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