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The Predator - Name Your Own Points CONTEST

So, we heard you about not having enough points to bid. That’s not the case here !
Want to know how this "Name Your Own Points" works? Do read-on the T&C below thoroughly so that you get higher chance to win or your entry won't get disqualified.

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Terms & Conditions
1. Eligibility
1.1 All submission must be submitted via the link provided from the campaign. Submission via comments on Facebook or email to CustomerCare shall not be entertained.
1.2 The "The Predator - Name Your Own Points" campaign is only open to ALLSTAR members that are Malaysian residents over the age of 18 years old or above.
1.3 MBO Cinemas reserves the absolute right to amend the campaign period if deemed necessary without any notice. All entries received after the campaign period shall not be entertained.
1.4 MBO Cinemas shall not be responsible for any failure or delay in the transmission of the entry, which may result in the participants being omitted from the selection process during the campaign period.
1.5 MBO Cinemas judgment is final and no complaint or appeal in all means will be entertained.
1.6 MBO Cinemas reserves the right to disqualify entries,which are incomplete, illegible or disfigured or late entries automatically.
1.7 MBO Cinemas has the absolute discretion to reject or disqualify an entry without giving any reason whatsoever to any participants or any other party.

2. Participation (campaign ends 25 September 2018 23:59 PM)
2.1 Each entry submitted must be completed with the following required details:
STEP 1 : PURCHASE min. 2 tickets of The Predator within the campaign period.
STEP 2 : CHECK your StarPoints balance
STEP 3: FILL IN the “Entry Form” which shall be sent via the campaign link provided & ANSWER all of the compulsory questions.
STEP 4 : Enter an amount between the stated amount. (Eg: 500,with NO decimal places, without any spacing, letters, and symbols) The amount stated shall indicate as StarPoints only.

2.2) Incomplete submission shall be disqualified automatically without any notification.
2.3) Each participant is only valid for one (1) entry & one (1) amount only. No alteration of the amount shall be allowed after submission of the entry form
2.4) MBO Cinemas reserves the right to reject the submission should the participant submit more than one (1) entry & one (1) amount.
2.5) Winner to be decided based on the LOWEST UNIQUE POINTS entered and shall be deducted from the winner's account as point-redemption. (Eg: if there are 2 entries at 400 and 1 entry at 410, then the person that entered 410 is the winner. MBO Cinemas will contact the winner and provide instructions on how to redeem after announcement.)

That’s all ! Simple right ? All the best ALLSTARs !!!!

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