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Alpha is a once (or twice) a week course, that centers around a meal. After the meal there is a ½ hour video on one of the topics below, then an open discussion about the topic. Topics include:

1. Is there more to life than this?
2. Who is Jesus?
3. Why did Jesus die?
4. How can I have faith?
5. Why and how should I pray and read the bible?
6. How does God guide us?
7. Who is the Holy Spirit? (Saturday October (TBD) 8a - 1p)
8. How can I resist Evil?
9. Why and how should I tell others?
10. Does God heal today?
11. What about the Church?

We meet in the Activity Center on Sundays after the 11am Mass (12:15pm), with the exception of the 1st class which is on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th after the 4pm Mass (5:15pm).

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