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Cat Rescue Inc. Adoption Contract
Please complete and accept the terms of this adoption between you (the adopter) and Cat Rescue, Inc.
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Adoption Terms
In consideration of Cat Rescue, Inc. releasing the above described cat/kitten to me (the Adopter) for adoption, I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:
1) I will provide adequate food, water, shelter, space, exercise, personal attention and veterinary care for this feline in accordance with § 3.1-796:68 of the Code of Virginia. *
2) I will comply with all Virginia animal license and rabies vaccination requirements. *
3) I will not have the feline declawed. *
4) I will keep this cat as a strictly-indoors pet and not allow him or her to run outside at-large in violation of local animal control ordinances. *
5) I accept the cat in his/her current condition and with all his/her personal faults, and I acknowledge that CAT RESCUE INC. has no further responsibility to me or any other party for that condition or those faults. *
6) I agree to retain as my pet and in my possession the above-named cat/kitten. I will not give him/her away to anyone or any shelter. To be returned only to Cat Rescue, Inc. Cat Rescue Inc. cats found at shelters will incur $1000.00 in damages to the adopter that surrendered him/her/them/ at the shelter. *
7) I agree that this cat/kitten will at no time be used in any form of medical experiment or research, or any form of cultural or social ritual or practice in which the animal is in any way harmed or threatened with harm or deprivation of any kind. *
8) If the above-named cat/kitten becomes sick, disappears, or dies within the first three months after adoption, I agree to notify CAT RESCUE, INC. within two weeks. *
9) I understand that the above cat/kitten has been rescued and his/her medical and behavioral history is generally not known to CAT RESCUE, INC. I understand that every reasonable effort has been made to ascertain this/her good health, but not every condition or disease can be ruled out. I agree to adopt this kitten/cat in his/her current state of apparent good health and will assume responsibility for the care and medical treatment of any and all symptoms, illnesses, and injuries at any time during which this animal is in my custody. *
10) I agree that CAT RESCUE, INC. has the right, at their discretion, to reclaim this cat if there is reason to believe that the home is not fit or the terms of the adoption are not being carried out. *
10) I agree that CAT RESCUE, INC. has the right, at their discretion, to reclaim this cat if there is reason to believe that the home is not fit or the terms of the adoption are not being carried out. *
11) I acknowledge that this is a legal and binding contract, and by accepting the terms of this agreement, I hereby release CAT RESCUE, INC., or its representatives, employees, successors, from any responsibility for and any and all injuries and damages incurred as a result of the adoption of the above described cat/kitten. *
12) In the event the terms of this contract are breached, adopter agrees to pay CAT RESCUE, INC. liquidated damages in the amount of $150.00 for each separate breech of this contract. Adopter further agrees to pay reasonable attorneys fees and court costs in the event that this contract is referred to a court for enforcement. *
Electronic Signature & Acceptance
I, the applicant for this cat adoption agreement, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein. I understand that any misrepresentation of the statements given herein may result in the removal of the cat(s)/kittens(s) from my home by Cat Rescue, Inc. or by legal redress in a court of law.
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