The Hong Kong Against Human Trafficking Petition 反對香港人口販賣呈請書

    To: 1) Hong Kong Government 2) Mrs. Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive 致: 1) 香港特別行政區政府 2) 行政長官林鄭月娥女士 Human trafficking happens in Hong Kong. 人口販賣一直也在香港發生。 Our home has become a source, destination and transit point for the sex trafficking, forced labour and forced marriage of men, women, and children. Both local and international victims are deceived, forced or coerced into selling their bodies for sex in places like the brothels in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Lockhart Road in Wanchai and Yuen Long.  Some of those incidents involve local minors.  Others are trapped in homes where they were told they were to perform domestic work, but end up sleeping less than 4 hours a day, never having days off, having to eat scraps from bins, and are verbally, physically or even sexually abused by both their employers or their "agents".  Still more are trapped to work in back kitchens of restaurants, hostels, and construction sites.  Many of them are paid below the statutory minimum levels, if at all. 我們的家已淪為強迫勞動、強迫結婚、男女兩性和兒童遭性販賣的來源地、目的地和中轉站。外地及本地的受害人遭蒙騙、被脅迫和威嚇到餐廳廚房、賓館和工地工作。當中為數不少沒有獲發工資,即使有也不及法定最低工資。一些受害者淪落至尖沙咀、旺角、灣仔和元朗等地方的娛樂場所、夜總會和酒吧賣淫。其他受害者則為家傭,每天只能睡4小時、沒有假期,更要從垃圾桶找食物,甚至遭到僱主和中介言語、肢體暴力對待和性侵犯。 Under Article 4 of the Basic Law and Article 4 of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, the Hong Kong Government has a duty to safeguard the rights and freedoms of all people in Hong Kong against the slave-trade in all forms, including human trafficking, and against forced or compulsory labour. Despite that, efforts to combat human trafficking in Hong Kong and to provide protection to victims have been hampered by the lack of comprehensive and clear legislation criminalizing all forms of trafficking. 《基本法》第四條及《香港人權法案》第四條訂明香港特區政府有責任保障在港人士的自由和權利,包括打擊任何形式的奴隸貿易、人口販賣及強迫勞動。可是,香港並沒有整全和清晰的法律禁止任何形式的人口販賣,妨礙打擊人口販賣和保障受害者的工作。 This state of affairs has put a dent on the reputation of Hong Kong as a free, modern and responsible international city. It has led to Hong Kong being placed under the Tier 2 Watch List of the internationally regarded "Trafficking in Persons Report", now for two years in a row, on the same list as Iraq and Bangladesh etc. Hong Kong's efforts in tackling the issue has also been directly and repeatedly criticised by different bodies of the United Nations. Additionally, in a recent local High Court case, ZN v Secretary for Justice and Ors. (HCAL 15/2015), the judge heavily criticized the Government’s failure to tackle human trafficking practices and the lack of legislation targeting human trafficking in Hong Kong. 以上情況損害了香港作為一個自由、先進和負責任的國際城市的聲譽。近期,國際權威的《人口販賣狀況報告》把香港列入第二級監察名單,與阿富汗、巴基斯坦等國家同級。聯合國的不同組織亦多次直接批評香港人口販賣的狀況。近期本港高等法院法官更在「ZN訴律政司司長及其他」一案中大力抨擊香港有關法律落後,以及政府沒有履行打擊人口販賣活動的責任。 Petition 呈請書 We, the undersigned, call upon the Government of Hong Kong to take immediate steps to criminalize human trafficking in all forms, and to take further steps to identify and to provide appropriate channels of redress for victims against abusers and exploiters. In particular, we implore the Government to: 我們要求香港特區政府即時立法將所有形式的人口販賣刑事化,以及進一步採取適當措施完善辨識受害人的程序、提供合適渠道讓受害人向施虐者申索。我們特別要求政府: 1. Equip front line law-enforcement officers (including those from the Police, Customs & Excise, Labour Department and Immigration Department), key medical staff of Accident & Emergency Departments to identify victims of human trafficking, and be able to refer them to a coordinated referral mechanism where victims can seek protection and support, and where the investigatory bodies can be enabled to urgently and effectively investigate the relevant crimes. These administrative measures must be implemented urgently in view of the current lack of effective legislative regime in Hong Kong. 1. 加強並增撥資源予前線執法人員(包括警察、海關、勞工處及入境事務處)和急診室醫務人員識別人口販賣受害者的訓練和配套,設立相應行政機制讓受害人能尋求協助和保護,同時令調查機構及時和有效地就人口販賣的懷疑個案作調查。由於香港現時法例落後,這些行政措施刻不容緩。 2. Provide for clear legislation framework prohibiting human trafficking and exploitation by: a. Criminalizing all forms of trafficking in accordance with the definition set forth in Article 3 of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, which supplements the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organised Crime; b. Criminalizing slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour; and c. Criminalizing forced marriage. 2. 立法打擊人口販賣和剝削: a. 根據《聯合國打擊跨國有組織犯罪公約關於預防、禁止和懲治販運人口特別是婦女 和兒童行為的補充議定書》第三條的定義將任何形式的人口販賣刑事化; b. 將奴隸制度、使充奴工及強迫或強制之勞役刑事化;及 c. 將強迫婚姻刑事化。 3. Provide effective channels of redress for victims of human trafficking and exploitation by further creating statutory means that can be used to claim against traffickers and those who knowingly benefit from the exploitation of victims. 3. 進一步提供法定渠道讓受害人有效地向施行人口販賣及剝削人士申索。 This petition is pushed by: 呈請書是由以下組織發起: The Hong Kong Anti-Trafficking Concern Group 香港反對人口販運關注組 * The Hong Kong Anti-Trafficking Concern Group includes the following bodies: *香港反對人口販賣關注組包括以下組織: Christian Action 基督教勵行會, Help for Domestic Workers 家傭匡扶中心, Pathfinders, Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Union 香港亞洲家務工工會聯會 (職工盟屬會 ), David Bishop, CUHK Centre for Rights and Justice of the Faculty of Law 中文大學法律學院人權與公義研究中心, CUHK 中文大學, Human Rights Monitor 香港人權監察, Unison 融樂會, Rainlily 風雨蘭, Progressive Lawyers Group 法政匯思, HKU Amnesty International Club 國際特赦組織香港大學分會, CUHK Human Rights Action Group 香港中文大學人權關注組織, Daly & Associates 帝理律師行, Boase Cohen & Collins (Law Firm), Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body 亞洲移居人士聯盟, Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union 菲律賓移民工會, United Filipinos in Hong Kong 菲律賓人聯合會香港分會, STOP, Vine Community Services Limited 葡萄藤社區服務中心有限公司, JJJ Association 姐姐仔會, Teen's Key 青躍, Action for Reach Out 青鳥 and Civic Party 公民黨 Notable Signatories 著名簽署人士 : Simon Young (Barrister-at-Law) 大律師楊艾文, Puja Kapai, Gladys Li (Senior Counsel) 資深大律師李志喜 , Emily Lau (Democratic Party) 民主黨劉慧卿 , Hon. Dennis Kwok (LegCo Member for the Legal Functional Constituency) 立法會法律界議員郭榮鏗, Hon. Fernando Cheung (LegCo Member from Labour Party) 立法會議員張超雄 (工黨) , Hon. Leung Kwok Hung (LegCo Member from League of Social Democrats) 立法會議員梁國雄(社民連), Hon. Kenneth Leung (LegCo Member for the Accountancy Constituency) 立法會會計界議員梁繼昌, Hon. Joseph Lee (LegCo Member for the Health Services Constituency) 立法會衛生服務界議員李國麟, Hon. Ip Kin Yuen (LegCo Member for the Education Constituency) 立法會教育界議員葉建源, Hon. Lau Siu Lai (LegCo Member) 立法會議員劉小麗, Hon. Ray Chan (LegCo Member from People Power) 立法會議員陳志全 (人民力量), Hon. Leung Yiu Chung (LegCo Member from Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre) 立法會議員梁耀忠 (街工), Hon. Claudia Mo 立法會議員毛孟靜 and Paul Zimmerman (Southern District Councillor) 南區區議員司馬文 *Personal data collected will only be used for the purpose of this anti-human trafficking petition. *所收集的個人資料只會用作此反對香港人口販賣呈請書的用途
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