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Human Rights Education Institute 2019: Human Rights as a Transformative Vision
Introducing a two-week institute on Human Rights Education for classroom educators (6-12), museum practitioners, non-profit, non-governmental organization and public service providers. This workshop is ideal for anyone working in public spaces with access to engage community members around issues of human rights. This Institute attempts to highlight structural inequity and the intersections of class, race and gender in order to build equitable public spaces that support dignity, human rights and peace for all.

During the two-week institute, participants will be introduced to concepts of international human rights (with a strong focus on economic & social rights with links to current social movements working on these issues) and the history of human rights mechanisms as well as organizations/curricular resources and effective pedagogical approaches for human rights education. Partnerships with organizations such as the World as it Could Be, Voice of Witness, The Representation Project, and possible others will be utilized to bring an expansive vision of how organizations are incorporating human rights into their programming and work.

The institute will run from August 5th-August 16th, 2019 and will take place Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm in the School of Education, University of San Francisco. Scholarships will off-set costs of educators needing support with travel and housing costs. Teachers will receive a reader and books that will help them immerse themselves in human rights education.

After the two-week institute, participants will be asked to develop a strategy to share their learnings with other teachers at their schools or a museum programming (for educators working those settings), and to carry out some sort of action related to human rights during the school year that follows the institute. An online, virtual community will be set up for participants to share feedback, successes and challenges with one another, and to create a network of educators implementing human rights education in their schools and museum settings.

Please complete this form in entirety to be considered for the Summer Institute. The due date for this application is March, 15th 2019. Acceptance into the institute will be notified by April 5, 2019.
A stipend of $250 will be provided for completion of the two-week institute. Another $250 stipend will be offered upon the completion of your proposed action project.
Continuing Education Credits of up to 4 credits available.
Scholarships for airfare and housing are available on a needs basis. Please email the co-directors at and stating your intention to apply and a link to the application will be sent.

State your name.
Share your phone number.
What is your email address?
Share your age range.
How do you identify racially and ethnically?
Share your gender and preferred gender pronouns.
What is your position? Teacher/ After school/ Youth Development, etc.
Name your employer.
How many years have you been in education?
What is your motivation for attending the HRE Institute?
Share a project that you have attempted before that you would like to work on that connects to Human Rights Education. (If this is something you have not done, do you have any ideas of something you would like work on?)
What access have you had to human rights education? Please share any previous experience.
What are some human rights issues you are concerned about in communities you are a part of?
The participants will be required to attend all two weeks, and engage in some pre-institute activities. Will you be able to commit to attending all two weeks? If not, please explain.
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