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2020 Food Justice and Equity Scholarship Application
General information and scholarship criteria
The FOOD JUSTICE & EQUITY SCHOLARSHIP is intended to support incoming apprentices presently committed to and engaged in creating food justice and equity in their communities and/or advocacy for responsible stewardship of the Earth.

The scholarship will be used to financially support individuals from low-income communities that historically have been underrepresented, and who would otherwise be unable to attend the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture.

The scholarships will be assigned based on financial need and level of community involvement. Full or partial scholarships will be awarded to qualified candidates based on available funding.

To qualify for the “FOOD JUSTICE & EQUITY SCHOLARSHIP” applicants must:
• Demonstrate dedication to food justice and equity and/or advocacy for responsible stewardship of the Earth.

• Clearly show significant financial need for a course fee waiver; without a course fee waiver applicant is unable to participate in the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture.

In addition to submitting this Food Justice & Equity Scholarship Application form, you must:
• Submit a complete General Apprenticeship Scholarship application and one letter of recommendation that speaks to your engagement with food justice and equity in your community. A link to the General Apprenticeship Scholarship application is available at:

• Submit the 2020 Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture application, along with any supporting materials. Links to the application and submission instructions are available at:

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If granted the scholarship, are you willing to give back and volunteer one year to further cultivate and advance the Food Justice and Equity Scholarship? If so, how do you see yourself contributing with your skills and/or talents? [100 words] *
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Additional information
The FOOD JUSTICE & EQUITY SCHOLARSHIP committee is a collective of CASFS Alumni, who are committed to providing financial opportunities for incoming apprentices. We believe in reciprocity and the act of kindness, and want this opportunity to be available to future apprentices.
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