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CBC Music's Canadian Music Class Challenge Registration Form 2019
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Please list the names of each music class you will be submitting, along with their category. Feel free to give your class a fun nickname. Please ensure each music class is entered on a different line. Our categories are: Category 1: Primary Instrumental (K - Gr. 3 ). Category 2: Primary Vocal (K - Gr. 3). Category 3: Elementary Instrumental (Gr. 4 - 6). Category 4: Elementary Vocal (Gr. 4 - 6). Category 5: Junior Instrumental (Gr. 7 - 10). Category 6: Junior Vocal (Gr. 7 - 10). Category 7: Senior Instrumental (Gr. 11 - 12). Category 8: Senior Vocal (Gr. 11 - 12). Example: Senior Vocal Tigers - CATEGORY 6. Please note that "instrumental" means no lead vocals or choral vocals, and that "vocal" means lead vocals, choral vocals, a capella, or with a band. *
The music teacher ensures that all students appearing on camera have permission to do so from parents and school (CBC does not require a permission form). *
The music teacher ensures that the performers are amateurs only, with the exception of musical accompaniment by a music teacher or accompanist if needed. *
The music teacher agrees to subscribe to the CBC Music Class YouTube channel for contest updates. Check yes once you have clicked on the following link and hit subscribe, thanks! [] *
I have read the Rules and Regulations and agree to the terms. [] *
If you already know what song your class plans to cover, please let us know. Here's this year's list: []
We'd love to share the story of your music class on CBC! Please give us a quick, short description of what makes your class, school, or program special or unique. Good luck and have fun!
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