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Naka-Kon 2020 Panel Submission
Thank you for your interest in hosting a fan panel at Naka-Kon 2020! We rely on fan panels as a core element of our programming each year, and your support is essential to that.

For your panel submission to be eligible, you must submit this form no later than 11:59 p.m. CST on January 5, 2020. If you plan to host a panel with more than 1 person, only 1 person needs to submit the form. However, all panelist names must be included on the form.

Approved panelists will receive compensation for their time: $15 per hour of paneling time. This does not include setup time, breakdown time, or any practice or rehearsal time before the convention. Up to three panelists per each panel are eligible; however, you may have more than 3 people on your panel.

To receive your compensation, please visit the Con Ops office in Linden after your panel is finished and you have returned any checked-out A/V equipment to the A/V office. Only the people whose names are indicated on this form will be eligible for compensation.

Any further questions about panels can be directed to
Email address *
What is your name? *
We won't publish your legal name unless you indicate that it's OK, but we do need to know for our records.
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What is your email address? *
Please give us an email address you check regularly. This will be how you receive notifications of panel approvals/rejections as well as panelist reminders and other information.
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If you are planning on submitting multiple panels, how many would you want to run?
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Names of other panelists *
Provide the legal names of any co-hosts or panelists. Please don't submit a panel that requires multiple hosts unless you have already agreed to host the panel together.
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Panelists who will receive compensation *
Please provide the names for up to 3 panelists who will receive compensation for their time. Be prepared to show your photo ID in Con Ops.
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Please provide email addresses for any other panelists *
This will be used to contact panelists with reminders and other information.
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Do you want your legal names (first and last) to appear in the program book? *
If no, please indicate below what name(s) to use.
These can be just your first name, your first name and your last initial, your badge name, Internet persona, or pen name you go by. Include the preferred names for ALL panelists.
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Panel Details
Tell us about the panel you want to host! Please be descriptive and detailed.
Name of Panel for schedule hand-out *
Name of the panel can have a 36 characters for the schedule handout. Feel free to be witty!
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Name of Panel in program book
If panel name is more than 36 characters, please list the full name of the panel. This panel name must start with the same words as the schedule hand-out panel name and you may add to it. If there is no addition to the panel name, type N/A.
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Is this an 18+ panel *
Event Genre(s) *
Please select no more than 3 that apply. In most cases, just 1 will be sufficient.
Type of Event *
Panel Outline *
Please provide details of the panel. This information will not be shown in the program book. It is for evaluating submissions only. Please include as much information about what the panel will cover as possible. If you have multiple parts to your panel (such as a Q&A and a demonstration), please include them.
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Additional information about your panel.
Is there anything else you want us to know about your panel that would help us make a decision? This information will not be shown in the program book.
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Panel Description for Program Book *
Please provide a description of your panel for the program book and website. This should be enticing and informative. Please keep the description itself PG-13. While the Naka-Kon publications team may edit your program description for grammar and spelling, we encourage you to have someone else review and proofread your description before submitting it to ensure it makes sense. Please keep descriptions between 250-600 characters. For examples of good and bad descriptions, and some helpful hints, check out this link:
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Would your panel like American Sign Language interpreters?
For the deaf community Naka-Kon will have on-site ASL interpreters. You may be asked to provide a script early before the convention. Selecting yes will not guarantee you getting an interpreter.
Event history *
Has the event been hosted anywhere before?
If yes, did you host the event?
Was it at Naka-Kon?
If you've hosted this event at Naka-Kon, which year was the event?
Your answer
Estimated Run Time *
How long is each occurrence of the event expected to run?
Estimated Setup Time *
Please note, your setup time does not begin when the panel starts. You should be set up and ready to go when the panel is scheduled to start.
Estimated Tear-down Time *
You are responsible for tearing down and returning equipment to our A/V department. Please let us know how long you expect tear-down to take so we can schedule the next panel in the room accordingly.
Preferred Presentation Time *
Most Desired
Do Not Want
Friday Evening
Friday Late Night
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Evening
Saturday Late Night
Sunday Morning
Sunday Afternoon
Event Conflicts
What events would you like us to avoid having scheduled at the same time?
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Tell us what room configuration you need to run the panel.
Seating *
Accessibility and Accommodations
For our panelists who may have mobility restrictions, we can provide ramps in panel rooms that have a raised platform. If you require other accommodations, please note them here and we will do our best to meet your needs. (If we are unable to do so, we will contact you via the email address provided.) If you have general questions about services available at the convention, please email or This information will be kept private and is only so that we can better assist you.
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In-room equipment
Please indicate what A/V equipment you need to run your panel.

Please note, the following equipment is provided in all rooms:
* Projector with screen and VGA and HDMI connectors
* At least 4 microphones
* Speakers
* 3.5mm line-level audio input
Additional equipment
The following equipment can be checked out from the A/V Office. You must visit the office to obtain any additional equipment beyond what is provided in panel rooms by default (see above). You are responsible for lost, damaged or un-returned equipment. We strongly recommend you bring your own adapters or presentation equipment, Naka-Kon does not provide adapters for Apple products, and can not guarantee compatibility with your devices. We will not be able to supply you with any items that are not indicated on the form. If you require equipment that is NOT listed here, you MUST provide it yourself.
What equipment will you supply for the panel?
This is hardware that you will bring for the panel, including your computer. Please note that Mac computers are not compatible with VGA or HDMI screen projectors. Check your computer and determine which adapters are necessary to allow you to connect to a VGA or HDMI device. Naka-Kon will not provide Mac adapters at the convention.
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Other Details
Please provide any other details you think may be important for us to know. For example: Any special equipment you plan to bring that will need to inter-operate with our audio/video/network gear.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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