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C-UAS Academy Exam
I2WD_C-UAS_10 Question Written 090519
2. Three types of munitions used in UAS attacks are shape/warhead charges, modified military ordnance, and commercial explosives.
10. After creating a safe space around a downed UAS who do you call to have it removed? *
8. Upon observing a UAS for the first time how many lines are reported to the BDOC in your observation report? *
Unit *
3. When identifying a UAS what does the acronym WEFT represent? *
Rank *
5. What does VACR stand for? *
9. Who does the 5-line report get reported to? (Select the best answer) *
When looking at the categories of UAS, a Group 1 UAS is considered a Non-State Actor? *
6. Approximately how close to your observation spot is this UAS located? (based on the size of the UAS compared to a ball point pen tip being used to estimate distance) *
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4. How do fixed wing and VTOL/multirotor flight patterns differ when observing targets? *
7. What zone is this UAS located in?
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