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Cornerstone and Leyland Road as One Church (Now closed for responses)
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The Purpose of This Questionnaire
As you probably know, the Cornerstone Church Council has decided that the church site will be sold.  In order to do this the church had to apply to cease worship on that site. The likely time frame to cease worship on that site is on or before August 31st next year (2024).    

Cornerstone church has a worshipping community of 40-60 people each Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon Café-style worship. Outreach activities include a weekly fellowship meeting called 'Thought For The Day', and a Boys Brigade and Girls Association and regular brunches for the community.  The church has had strong Holiday clubs and Messy church but these have not resumed since Covid.   The current building also hosts a community library.  Cornerstone church has been exploring the possibility of working with a developer to maintaining a presence on the current site.   This is only one of a few possibilities and is unlikely to be a reality before worship needs to cease in the current premises.

Leyland Road has a growing worshipping community of 70-80 people each Sunday morning and a Tuesday fellowship group.  The church has a number of outreach activities from its premises including warm space and harbour, gardening club, toddler club, and diner's club.   The building is also used for a number of community events and concerts.  Leyland Road is in the process of hiring a part-time family outreach worker and exploring additional community outreach programs including a parish nurse.   

In recognition that there is strength in sharing together, discussions have begun between Cornerstone and Leyland Road to join together as a single church.  This will strengthen both communities, enabling us to share our resources and talents.  If it became a reality, this would involve a shared vision with a single church council and leadership team. 

It would be an aspiration of this new church to have a missional presence in Churchtown, the shape of which would be determined together as one community.  The viability of such a proposal will depend on the passion and commitment of both congregations and the development of a clear shared vision.

This questionnaire is to consult with the congregations of both churches to gather information to help frame recommendations to the two church councils (Cornerstone and Leyland Road) regarding what the next steps might be.

Deadline - 10th September 2023
Responses to this survey need to be submitted by 10/9/2023. 
The purpose of this survey is gather a general picture of what people think. Your answers to these questions
will be analysed by a small team and kept strictly confidential.   We will not share any specific identifiable information with anyone.
Completing this survey online
It will be extremely helpful to the survey team if you are able to complete this survey online.   You can find an online version of the survey at:

If you receive notices by email then you should also get an email containing a link to the survey from the church office.

You can simply fill in the survey and submit it online.   
Completing this survey on paper
If you are not able to complete the survey online then please complete a paper copy.  These will be available  at Leyland Road and Cornerstone church services.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, please post it into the box provided at the back of  Leyland Road or Cornerstone church or drop your completed copy in an envelope to the church office.
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