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VIBBIDI: Twitter Community User Survey
Hello & thank you for participating in our Community Survey!

The purpose of this study is to help us determine whether the status of teen & college aged lifestyles has changed significantly during the Covid-19 Pandemic, if there are overwhelming frustrations associated with their new standard of living & if such information can inform us on which adaptations need to be made to a future platform in order to improve the quality of life for the Youth & College Demographic

Please answer the below questions with your natural response & in as much detail as you can possibly provide. The more you write, the better our impression of real community members' concerns.

Enjoy the Survey!
What is your name and/or Twitter Handle? *
Your Approximate Age Range *
What’s your nearest city or state location? *
Are you currently enrolled in school? If so, how are you receiving your education (Online/In-Person) & how long does it take out of your day? *
Do you have a job? How do you feel about your job experience? (social benefits, frustrations, etc.) *
What is your daily routine like? (hobbies, social interactions, entertainment) Has it changed due to the Pandemic? *
Do you interact with friends on a daily basis? What method do you use? (Online, in-person, via phone) *
How do you feel about the time you get to spend with friends? Is there enough/too little? Is it difficult/easy? *
What kind of devices do you use every day? (phone, computer, Xbox, etc.) *
When on those devices, how do you use them? (for Apps, social media, music, gaming, research, etc.) *
Which Apps do you use each day on those devices & why? (Snapchat for Chatting with friends, Twitter for news, etc.) *
Which Apps or services do you use in the morning? *
Which Apps or services do you use in the afternoon? *
Which Apps or services do you use at night? *
Do you game? How often & what time of day? *
What kind of group/culture do you consider yourself a part of? (goth, preppy, band nerd, activist, sports nut, punk, etc.) *
Is there anything that you wish you could do better currently? Some sort of daily frustration that isn't being addressed? (self organization, mental health, a specific skill, etc.) *
What’s the one thing you enjoy the most? (reading, chatting with friends, biking, drawing, etc.) *
What about the thing you hate the most? (commute, chores, finding news, buying things online, etc.) *
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