PMHP post-Bettercare Evaluation

You are participating in the Bettercare training programme and we would like you to take part in our study to evaluate the Maternal Mental Health book.
The Bettercare series is a distance learning programme that aims to provide appropriate, affordable and up-to-date learning materials to health and social workers in under-resourced areas. At the end of the study process, users have the option of taking a 75 question test and if they obtain a correct score of 80% or more, they qualify for certification in maternal mental health through the Bettercare education programme. The certificate is usually issued by the publishers at the price of approximately R150.
This evaluation will recruit three groups of participants using two platforms, an online platform through the Bettercare website, and via direct contact with health and social workers who are undergoing professional development or training. You will be required to:
1. Complete the questionnaire before starting your Maternal Mental Health book study
2. Complete the questionnaire after completing your Maternal Mental Health book study
3. Score at least 80% in the test at the end of the study to obtain a certificate of completion.
The questionnaire will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Participating in this study will have no financial benefit or place any harm on you, but you will be helping us to improve the content and material in this book. However, upon scoring 80% and above, all study participants will be issued free certification in maternal mental health through the Bettercare education programme.
Your decision to join the study is voluntary—that means it is up to you. You may refuse to join, or you may withdraw from the study, for any reason and at any time. Refusal to participate or withdrawal from this study will not impact on any training-related activity you may engage with using this book.
To maintain confidentiality, completed questionnaires will be collected and stored in a locked cabinet at our offices. This consent form will be stored separately from the questionnaire to ensure that your identity is protected. Questionnaires completed on-line will be stored in a secure database.
If you have a problem resulting from your participation in this evaluation or have questions please contact the investigators: Michael Onah or Sally Field on Tel: (021) 685 8290

If you have complaints about how you were treated or feel that the study has caused you harm please contact:
Professor M Blockman
Chairperson, Human Research Ethics Committee, Faculty of Health Sciences,
University of Cape Town
Room E52 – 24 Old Main Building,Groote Schuur Hospital.
Telephone: (021) 406 6338

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