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Attitudes to Nationalities, Ethnic and Social Groups in Carlow
The Carlow Local & Community Development Committee (LCDC) along with partner agencies, is preparing a three-year strategy to promote the integration of foreign-born nationals who live in Carlow, through funding from Carlow County Council and the Carlow SICAP Programme.

As part of this process, the GESERA Institute for Action Research has been engaged to independently undertake this survey of attitudes to various nationalities, ethnic and social groups.

All questionnaires are anonymous, and responses will be treated with complete confidentiality. You will not be identified in any way and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Any questions or queries should be addressed to Brendan O’Keeffe at

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By proceeding, you consent to your confidential and anonymised responses being included in the research
Ethical Considerations
In this questionnaire, you will be asked some questions about yourself, including your gender, age cohort, occupation, voluntary commitment, religious affiliations, nationality and language. Principally, you will be asked about your attitudes to a range of nationalities and ethnic and social groups. There are no compulsory questions, and you may skip any question, if you wish. It take approximately ten minutes to complete the questionnaire.
Your responses will be used to inform the inclusion / integration strategy, and specifically to guide the LCDC in deciding which groups, if any, to prioritise. There are no risks or implications for you.
All responses are completely confidential and anonymous, and we are not tracking your details, in any way. All data will be destroyed, within a defined period, after the research has been completed and will not be given to any third party.
Carlow College REAC and IT Carlow have granted ethical approval for this research.
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