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Media Survey
Help us explore our community uses and thoughts about media. Is there something needed that media can provide? Are there harmful aspects, such as stereotyping that need to be improved? By answering these questions below, you can let us know what you think. Also, when we say media, we mean...
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of media in your life, day to day?
What kinds of media play a role in your life? Select all that apply.
What kinds of media would you like to see more of in the community?
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What kinds of media would like to see less of? Why?
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What issues do you think media contributes to? Why?
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If you could make one significant change to the media in your community, what would it be?
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Do you have any ideas for media professionals in the community who might be interested in supporting a media project made by our Girl Scout Cadette team?
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