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Chelonian welfare survey 2018
This survey is part of a research study investigating Chelonian welfare from both owner and veterinary staff perspectives. The study will explore the common welfare implications commonly seen within veterinary practices and if the popularity of keeping Chelonians plays a part in this. The results gained from the survey will provide information of how Veterinary Nurses can help assist in the promotion of animal welfare, in specific to Chelonians.

Good day! The researcher is a current degree student from Askham Bryan College, studying Veterinary Nursing. As a part of our programme we are required to undertake a research project in order to complete our degree, the questionnaire will be used towards their dissertation. All answers given will be kept anonymous and confidentiality will be maintained throughout. Results will be written up in an anonymised format and no answers will be identifiable but the researcher.

You are under no obligation to complete this questionnaire however the researcher would greatly appreciate your contribution. You have the right to withdraw at any point and if you wish do so please contact the researcher by email:

If you choose to participate in this questionnaire please answer every question, please do not miss or skip any questions.
The survey should take around 15-20 minutes to conduct, when answering questions please TICK ONE ANSWER unless stated otherwise.

What type of chelonian do you keep as a pet? *
What type of chelonian do you keep as a pet? *
Your answer
Have you owned chelonians before? *
Source of supply of chelonian? *
Where do you go for advice on welfare care for your chelonian? *
Does your chelonian receive routine health checks at the vet? *
What type of vets do you take your chelonian to? *
Has your Chelonian been affected by either of these welfare implications’? *
Have you owned a chelonian who has passed away and know the cause of death? *
Do you feel satisfied of the welfare advice given at your veterinary practice? *
Do you provide the best health care for your chelonian? *
Do you have the correct set up/equipment for your chelonian? *
Do you have the time and the commitment to look after your pet for its entire life? *
Do you have the sufficient knowledge in order to fulfil correct needs? *
What is your opinion on for caring/keeping Chelonians? *
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