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Sash or Belt Goal and Registration to Test
Our goal is to help you become a STUDENT of the Martial Arts. In order for you to get the most out of your program it's vitally important you set goals. Please complete this short form to set your goal.

Each rank carries a minimum class requirement in order to be eligible to take the test Please review the number of classes required with the link below.

There is no fee for testing or the physical belt or sash, however students should purchase and wear a formal uniform to all rank testing events. You will only need to purchase this formal attire one time. Adults wear a frog button suit (59.95). Youth students wear a gi jacket 29.95. Please make this purchase before your test.

Tests are held at the end of each month for adults and youth all the way to blue sash or belt. Higher ranks tests are held each quarter in March, June, September, December. The date and times of tests may vary due to holidays and other scheduling issues. To see the exact date and time of any exams go to: (Click the event to open it and see the exact time for your test).

For complete information and a list of requirements please go to:

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I have looked at the rank requirements section of the web site and reviewed the standards for my age group. (If for a youth student, parents please review with your son or daughter).. *
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You can only test for a rank that is one grade higher than your current rank. (No skipping ranks)
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Carefully verify that you have the number of classes required to test. Tests must be taken in order and skipping ranks is not allowed. Additional class hours are also needed for higher rank tests. Tests are usually held at the end of each month. Higher rank tests are held each quarter. DATES AND TIMES MAY VARY DURING HOLIDAYS (Check the dojo calendar for the exact date and time: )
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