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Norwich Creative Market Application - November 9th 2019 - New applicants only
Event Location: St Andrews Hall. Norwich
Date: November 9th 2019

This is the application form to become a new stallholder stall at Norwich Creative Market. If you were a stallholder at a previous market then please go back and fill out the fast track application. If you are an organisation or charity please go back and fill out the relevant form.

**If you are applying for multiple dates please fill out a full application for your first one and the 'Fast Track' form for any others.**

We encourage applications from creators who are new to exhibiting and plenty of support will be available. You do not need an extensive internet presence but you do need the following.
- Clear, tidy photos of your work that can be used in promotional materials.
- A way for people to contact you - a website, social media or email address.
- A good description of what you make.

The event is for designer makers, artists and up-cyclers. Please do not apply if you are a re-seller of pre-made goods.

With the increased space available there will be an extremely limited amount of stalls available to small businesses who wish to sell craft materials, tools and equipment.

Tables are provided unless you choose to bring your own set up. If this is the case please ensure you select the correct space requirement from the choices on this form. You will only be able to use the space which has been booked. Please note that St. Andrews Hall has a combination of 4 ft, 6 ft and 8 ft tables available.

If you are offered a stall at this event your web address or one social media link will be shared on our members directory for one year. Payment will be requested via paypal or direct bank transfer on confirmation of a place. We require every stall holder to have their own public liability insurance in place. The organisers are not responsible for any problems arising from the set up of your stall or the products you are selling so our public liability does not cover you.

Email address *
What is your business called? *
Your name *
Confirm your email. *
Do you have your own Public Liability insurance? This is a requirement but does not need to be shown until the day of the event. Please get quotes before booking a stall. **I am working on finding an insurer that will allow me to offer a low cost add on for my stall holders. *
Information about booking a space
- Please note that no additional space will be available on the day to 'spread out' so please choose carefully.
- You cannot bring a rail, mannequin or similar unless you book floor space in addition to or instead of your table.
- Tables are included free of charge. If you have your own set up please select 'floor space only'.
- Tables are 2ft deep. There will be space behind or to the side for you to sit down.
- There will be a chair provided, 2 if needed.
- You cannot leave items in the walkways. Please book a table with floor space if you have floor standing items.
- There is no wall hanging space. You can bring your own free standing board. If this does not sit flush with your table please ensure you book additional floor space. Please select a wall table if you have a backing board or frame.
How much space do you need? *
How will you pay for the stall? *
Do you need access to power? Please be aware that any electricals must be PAT safety tested and certified to comply with Health and Safety.
Where would you prefer your table?
Are you flexible with the size of your stall? Would you rather a slightly smaller space than no space at all? *
Would you be happy to share half of a larger table?
Please describe what you intend to sell. This is your opportunity to shine. Responses with little to no effort are unlikely to be considered for a stall. *
Which web link. would you like to use on the makers directory? If you have no website or social media please type your email here. *
Website link
Etsy link
Facebook link
Information about providing images
I need at least 4 pictures of your work.
- These should be free from background clutter and mess and not blurry.
- One can be your logo.
- These images will be used in social media marketing and examples may be used on printed marketing materials.
- You may email me photos if you cannot use google drive (below)
- Email to
- Don't just tell me to find them online. Your application will not be considered without sending or uploading photos.
Please upload 4 photos or email to
Thank - you for your application
I will aim to respond to all applications within 2 weeks. Your space is only secure upon payment. This is due to an increasing amount of unreliable applicants who do not reply to emails. I do not accept new stalls whose work I feel is too similar to an existing booking. Even though bookings for the event may be not full I will offer unpaid spaces to the next person in line requesting to sell a similar product.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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