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Global problems
Online quiz

Topic : Global problems
Presented in Patras Greece

1. Where are you from?
2. Which is the right synonym for waste?
3. What is the waste?
4. What is a rubbish dump?
5. Which items can be recycled ?
6. What are the renewable energy sources?
7. How can people save energy in a house?
8. Can forests influence the weather?
9. If yes, how? Write at least 1 option!
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10. Which animals live in the forest !
11. How many km2 of tropical forests is destroyed every year? ( approximately )
12 Name at least 1 source of artificial radiation:
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13. The atmosphere conditions ( average temperature and rainfall) repeated over a long period is the definition of.
14. Name two or three consequences our planet is suffering because of global warming.
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15. In which season is the maximum UV radiation found ?
16. Is ozone destroyed only by human chemicals?
17. Is Acid rain very harmful for the environment?
18. What is water pollution?
19. What can we do to prevent air pollution?
20. How can we fight air pollution?
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