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(Family) School Climate Survey
Please answer all questions. You may choose the "I prefer not to say" option on some questions.  Emails are not collected on this survey.
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Please indicate the grade(s) of your student(s).  (mark all that apply.) *
Is your student(s) enrolled in any of these programs?  (Mark all that apply.) *
Teachers in the Bright Local School District (BLSD) have high standards for achievement. *
BLSD teachers work hard to make sure students do well. *
BLSD teachers promote academic success for all students.  *
BLSD schools set clear rules for behavior.  *
My student(s) feel safe in the BLSD. *
My student(s) feel safe traveling to and from school in the BLSD. *
BLSD is consistently enforces school rules. *
BLSD school rules and procedures are fair. *
My student(s) feels successful in the BLSD. *
My student(s) is frequently recognized for good behavior in the BLSD. *
I feel comfortable talking to the teachers in the BLSD. *
BLSD staff communicate well with the parents/guardians.  *
I feel welcome at my student's school.  *
All students are treated fairly in the BLSD. *
BLSD teachers treat all students with respect.  *
BLSD buildings and facilities are well maintained. *
BLSD student textbooks are up to date and in good condition.  *
BLSD teachers keep their classrooms clean and organized.  *
I attend parent/teacher conferences at my student's BLSD school. *
I am actively involved in BLSD activities. *
I frequently volunteer to help with special projects in the BLSD.  *
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