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Delivering on the Promise: Community of Practice Application
The National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) is launching a nationwide Community of Practice to engage elected officials, advocacy groups, activists, media influencers, parents , school districts, clergy and community leaders in the Delivering on the Promise campaign to end suspensions and expulsions in early childhood education settings. The communities of practice will develop action steps, policy recommendations and community engagement/partnership practices to inform and provide leaders with the tools necessary to end the discriminatory practice of suspensions and expulsions.

Applications will be reviewed and approved by the NBCDI Policy team. Responsibilities of the Community of Practice include:

- Commitment to protecting the civil rights of marginalized students

- Establishing a team or coalition to lead an advocacy campaign at the local, district or state level to address suspensions and expulsions

- Develop policy recommendations that marry community supports to PreK classroom needs and address student behavior with alternatives to suspensions and expulsions

- Develop and implement community action plans that target specific institutions needed to end exclusionary practice in early learning settings

- Engaging in public awareness campaigns to ensure parents and concerned community members are aware of the crisis of suspensions and expulsions for Black children

- Participation in monthly calls with the NBCDI policy director and engage in peer learning and support by sharing advocacy strategies, ideas and resources while advocating for change in your city, district or state
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