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Under30Experiences Application Survey
This survey is designed to test applicants for cultural fit to work for Under30Experiences. Some of the following questions may not seem relevant to the position you are applying for, but keep in mind it is your chance to showcase your interests, experiences, talents and personality.

This is an extremely competitive position. We're seeking serious applicants interested in contributing their skills and talents with our dynamic travel community.

You are applying to be part of a team who leads young people by example and brings people out of their comfort zone across the world. If you have any other attachments please send them to

Good luck!

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Where do you currently live? *
Where did you grow up? *
Please upload your CV or Resume here.
List all Languages Spoken and Fluency Percentage i.e.: Spanish 85% *
List Countries with Guiding Experience and how long i.e.: Costa Rica, 2 years *
List Countries visited and total length of stay i.e.: Colombia 2 months, Cuba 7 days, Nicaragua 3 days *
What passport(s) or visas do you have? *
Do you have a current first aid or CPR certification? *
Certifications Currently Held i.e.: Wilderness First Responder, Machu Picchu Guide, Yoga Teacher Training, Life Coach
Can you swim the length of an Olympic sized pool? (50 meters) *
Do you have a valid driver's license? *
What is tallest mountain you've ever hiked? i.e.: Rainbow Mountain, Peru (4,300 meters) *
Outdoor activities you are experienced in? i.e.: Rock Climbing, Surfing, Whitewater Rafting, Mountain Biking, Scuba *
When is the last time you got out of your comfort zone? i.e.: "I went cliff diving this summer or I went to my first yoga class last month"
What are your hidden talents? i.e.: Magic, Guitar, Salsa Dancing, Andean Flute
Favorite non-fiction book of all time and why? *
Favorite fiction book of all time and why? *
When and what were your last two workouts? i.e.: Running yesterday, yoga last week *
What personal development practices do you have? Please provide details! i.e.: "I've been practicing mindfulness for 18 months, I've attended three Tony Robbins Seminars, I listen to the Getting Things Done Podcast"
Links to your personal social media (Yes, we ask you to be friends with travelers!) i.e.:
Links to photos or videos you've produced. i.e.: Instagram, blog, photo gallery, Facebook album, YouTube
You can also upload writing samples, videos, and photos here:
What position(s) are you applying for? *
When can you start working? *
Please upload a 3 minute video cover letter about why you'd be a great fit for Under30Experiences. You can also email a link to
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In order to operate the Under30Experiences recruitment system, we will collect and store personal information you submit to it via this application survey. The online application survey is provided and hosted by Under30Experiences. By submitting your personal information, you are consenting to Under30Experiences using and storing the data you've provided for recruitment purposes.
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