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MarketsWiki World of Opportunity Education Series New York 2017 Single Person Enrollment
Please use this form to enroll a single person for our events. Please check with your supervisor before signing up, so that all people from one company may be signed up together on another form.
What is your first name? *
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What is your last name? *
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What is your summer corporate email address (your confirmation will be sent here)? *
If you don't have a corporate email address, enter an address that you check often.
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What is an email addresses where we can best reach you in the fall to hear about our videos and upcoming events? *
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What is your company or school name? *
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What is your supervisor's name? *
If you don't work for a firm and/or have no supervisor, just list 'none'. We will bill you directly.
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If your answer above was 'none', please list 'none' here as well.
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Which event(s) will you attend (each session has different speakers)? *
How would you like to pay for this event? *
Please ask your employer before you mark this box. If they will be paying for this event, please have us bill them, not you.
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