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Comberbach Neighbourhood Plan – Initial Response
When we asked you, 80% of Comberbach residents supported the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan. Now is your chance to have your say. Your answers to the following questions will be key to what goes into the Plan and the Plan will influence future planning decisions – ie if building does HAVE to happen, we can have an influence on HOW, WHAT, WHERE - and thus POSITIVELY benefit the village.

PLEASE hand the completed questionnaire in at the village Post Office or to the parish Councillor designated for your road (see Village Newsletter). You can also fill it in on line at and in this way results can be collated more easily. We have assumed one response per household but you are most welcome to request additional copies from the Post Office or make more responses per household on line. If you need any help in completing the form please contact Liz Cook on 891179

Q1 How can we preserve & improve the natural environment in the village? * *
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Q2 What type of housing development would you like to see in Comberbach in: 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? *
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Q3 How would you like to see recreational facilities improved in the village? *
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Q4 What scope for business/commercial development do you see in the village
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Q5 What concerns do you have regarding accessibility in the village? *
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Q6 What other facilities would improve village life for you? *
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If you require more space for your answers then simply attach an extra sheet of paper. Some extra information would be really appreciated please!
Are you responding on behalf of your household? *
Are other members of your household responding separately? *
If so, how many other members of your household are responding separately??
What age bracket does the responder fall within? *
How long have you lived in the village? *
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