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The Experiences of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities during the Covid-19 Pandemic

This survey is for any individual with an intellectual disability (ID) to gain their input about their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. Should you have any questions, please email
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1. At any time in the pandemic, were you working a job that the government said was essential? *
2. If you had an essential job, did you get enough help and training to keep yourself safe and healthy? *
3. If you had an essential job, did you get enough help and training to understand the changes to your job and your new responsibilities? (For example, extra cleaning and social distancing) *
4. Were you hesitant to get a vaccine? *
5. If yes, why were you hesitant? *
6. Were you able to find enough information about Covid-19 in plain language? *
7. Was it hard to figure out what information about Covid-19 was true and what was fake or wrong? *
8. Where did you get most of your information about Covid? *
9. At any time in the pandemic, did you have to take a Covid test? *
10. If yes, did the people giving the test(s) help you understand the reason for the test(s) and how the test would work? *
11. At any time in the pandemic, did you test positive for Covid? *
12. During lockdowns, were you able to stay active? *
13. During lockdowns, did you do any online workouts? *
14. During lockdowns, did you feel lonely? *
15. During lockdowns, was your mental health: *
16. Do you have anything that you would like us to know about your experience during Covid-19? *
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