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RailsBridge SF Chapter Application - 2017
RailsBridge San Francisco is looking for several new members to join the San Francisco chapter team.

The positions are listed as follows -

Chapter Lead

It is the responsibility of the chapter lead to make sure that workshops are moving forward and that the other members of the chapter are getting what they need. Mostly a logitical position that involves some cat herding, this person is responsible for updating the board on the progress of the SF office.

Organizer manager

The organizer manager:
Seeks volunteers from the pool of RailsBridge volunteers and students
Connects organizers to venue point of contact
Serves as a resource for organizers ahead of events

Venue Organizer

As a Venue Organizer, their primary responsibility is to book a venue for a RailsBridge workshop.

Booking a venue entails finding a host with another organization, then verifying that the venue is appropriate for the event. The venue organizer communicates with a company representative in order to approve the workspace, logistics, and date for a workshop.

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